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From Communication to the Art of Marking in Manufacturing

Since ancient times, we have had the need to communicate with each other, regardless of the message, and sometimes the receiver; we have felt this need of expressing ourselves. This very need has been the response of the development of language, little by little our messages became more and more complex and so did language itself, until this marvelous form (or code, if we want to be precise) of communication got to the point it is today.

But it wasn’t just language, the only science that developed from our necessity of letting the others know what was on our minds, in a way, language was limited to ideas, especially in its most primitive form; however, there was this other thing growing up silently and patiently next to it, it was art. Art helps us express our feelings better than any other form of expression and makes us unique as species.

Marking technology beyond what you’d expect

When I first got to know Automator, the idea that language could merge with art, stroke me as an evident truth that I had never considered before. The passion they dedicate to creating cutting-edge products and machinery is a distinctive characteristic of the care which they provide to their customers.

Taking an in-depth look at their products, one can really notice every detail and feel the importance of marking, stamping, and engraving, as nowadays it is not only required for some instances as license plates. Also, it is also an aesthetic choice, the one of having your own devices or pieces of jewelry marked as a sign of exclusivity.

Automator Dot Peen Pinmark Marking Graving Machines

Take the dot peen marker, for example. They came up with the smallest laser cutting that produces the smoothest edges and details because no job is too big or too small for them. There is only the option of a job well done and this, my friends, is when a product becomes art.

Vimeo: Laser markings examples (Automator International)

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