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Stories Untold: Relive Your Childhood Text-Based Adventure Games

Do you ever miss those old 80’s games you used to play on your family computer? The ones where you type in your actions and adventure around the fictional world only using words? Stuff like Zork or The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? Well if you miss these types of games, No Code studio brings us this nostalgic horror adventure game with a modern twist to it.

Bring back the 80s

Written and directed by Jon McKellan, Stories Untold is a 4-part video games series, namely: The House Abandon, The Lab Conduct, The Station Process, and The Last Session. The game is set in England, 1986. This game allows you to relive your text-based childhood games but with better graphics and a mix of other adventure genres such as first-person exploration and puzzle solving. The game has a lot of reading to progress, so be very patient. I think it’s a really good title for people who love narrative games.

The stories are wonderfully made and mindblowing. Each part will leave you speechless, and you definitely won’t see what’s coming after you in every episode. I love how the game gave me all the chills, fear, and sweaty palms that any regular horror game could provide through the use of words and the ambient environment they set up.

Ratings and pricing

The game was released on February 27, 2017, for macOS and Microsoft Windows. It generally received very positive reviews, holding a score of 81 on review aggregator Metacritic. Eurogamer ranked the game 48th on their list of the “Top 50 Games of 2017”. And the Daily Telegraph gave it 5 stars. Stories Untold is available on Steam for PC and costs $9.99.

I’d love to tell you so much more about the game, but it’s something that you have to try on your own for you to enjoy much more! Tell me what you think about the game before and after playing, down in the comments.

YouTube: Cry Plays: Stories Untold: The House Abandon [P1]

Photo credit: No Code / Devolver Digital

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