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TeQatlas: Connecting Startups with Investors

In-person meetings are becoming less prevalent in the wake of the coronavirus. Zurich-based TeQatlas, currently in beta, is a startup that is helping companies find investors and raise funds globally under one roof. CEO Ruslan Gavrilyuk founded the company to reduce the geographical distance between the innovators and funding resources. Is this type of platform going to be like Upwork but for venture capital and startup funding?

TeQatlas - Overview screenshot
Image: TeQatlas

TeQatlas uses augmented investment intelligence (AII) as a tool to match the people with many investors based on their preferences to create a global growth investment ecosystem. The deals or contracts will be made more transparent by organizing an online stage for both sides to discuss through AMA, ask me anything, sessions. The website also creates co-investor relationship graphs for its users so they can choose their “top-performing partners” to co-invest.

Fundraising activities and streamlining

Gathering funds and generating capital is a laborious process. Through its AII tool, TeQatlas will save those hours by discovering and managing investors throughout the pre-deal processes. You will also be able to centralize your funding activities and get paid on time. The website’s workspace allows its users to communicate and share with ease.

TeQatlas - Deal Room screenshot
Image: TeQatlas

The company’s primary aim is to manage workspaces by streamlining capital, deals, workflow, investor relations, and networking. With the help of the technologies assisting the company, TeQatlas also tackles the post-deal scenarios in an orderly and streamlined way. By making use of the 80-20 rule, or the Pareto Principle, the company wants to increase the chances of generating high outputs for its clientele.

Apart from that, TeQatlas has a cute virtual assistant (VA) with “AI in his DNA” called Toshi. This VA delivers a conversational experience to its users. It can augment conversations with context awareness. Further, it also designs predictive, prescriptive analytics based on AI. Finally, it also possesses omnichannel communication capabilities.

TeQatlas - Deal Market screenshot
Image: TeQatlas

When you start working on the company’s platform, this personal assistant will guide you through the process by focussing on essential tasks. Consider him as a mascot for this global venture. If you’re interested in a tool that can interactively help you match with potential investors, you can sign up to TeQatlas, try out their service for free, and pay upon closing a deal.

YouTube: TeQatlas – All-in-one fundraising tool

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