Tenda and Gamgee Form Strategic Partnership for Smart Home Industry


Working from home is the new norm. And while the convenience it brings to some is immeasurable, the volume of internet usage has sky-rocketed with parents doing their work and meetings at home and kids doing online classes.

This, in turn, has made the signals weaker and has made people more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and privacy breaches. Thankfully, two technology and network service-focused companies collaborated to provide smart home solutions for both the service providers and the consumers at home.


One of them is Tenda, a leading supplier of networking devices and equipment. Based in Shenzhen, China, they have expanded their business globally over the years. They boast of having affordable networking solutions and innovative, quality, and easy to use and install products, which includes home networking, business networking, mobile broadband, IP cameras, and a whole lot more.

“Tenda has a wealth of experience in quality assurance in the networking segment. We like to support companies like Gamgee in new and innovative projects. We look forward to exploring the frontiers together.”
– Jie Li, Country Manager DACH, BeNeLux and Nordics at Tenda


The other half to make this partnership whole is Gamgee, a global provider of exceptional wireless smart home service.  They possess a team adept in the telecommunications, media, high-tech software, and cybersecurity industries. Gamgee goes all out to provide its consumers worldwide with their outstanding wireless performance.

“In such a dynamic market, joining forces with Tenda is an important step to help us quickly adapt to the new developments and offer a joint solution that is always spot-on covering the latest consumers´, providers´, and enterprise needs.”
– Paul Hendriks, Chief Executive Officer of Gamgee

An interesting combination

The partnership of these two market giants promises solutions to the networking challenges we currently face. They aim to provide caliber hardware technology and easy WiFi management for their consumers. They also offer services that would give more control to the parents to filter out appropriate contents their children can access online.

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Their powerful partnership would also generate a strong sense of protection for all business communications and transactions from hackers and intruders by extending employees’ home network to the office through a powerful VPN channel.

And if all these are still not enough, this partnership would also provide 24/7 customer service and an in-app commerce platform, which would help the broadband service providers in dealing with customer feedback and with monitoring and analyzing network data.

Photo credit: The feature image was taken by Ihor Saveliev.
Source: Gamgee press release

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Sam Albano
Sam Albano
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