Technology and the Arts Thriving in the 21st Century


Through my everyday life as an art student, I know the struggles of being an artist in this generation. Concerning that, I also know the advantages of being an artist. Currently living in the digital age, I feel like technology played a big part in helping the arts thrive in the 21st century.

Visual arts

Just starting off by thinking how big the film industry is right now has a lot to do with all the readily available technology. As colors came to play on screen, a variety of sound effects, and the animation and CGI (computer-generated imagery) that bring our fantasies to life. These really played a huge role in why we’re always waiting for the latest movies in the cinema.

It’s also amazing how easy it is to capture any moment, to snap a photo, enhance it, and share the same your friends immediately. Nowadays, it’s so easy to edit photos or make logos, layouts, backgrounds, etc.

Don’t even get me started on digital art. Where you can get your graphics tablet and start making your drawings come to life. It’s not only high definition, but it’s readily accessible, and the possibilities are only limited by your own fantasy and imagination. While there are many kinds out there, one of the most popular makers is Wacom, from Japan.


I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of electronic music by now, right? Most sounds are artificially made and can be easily manipulated through a launch pad or a loop. You can even make your own music without the use of real instruments through different applications like GarageBand, Pro Tools, Logic, Reason, Cubase, or other music production software suites also known as DAW (digital audio workstation). You also don’t need a good singing voice because you can quickly enhance it with different software solutions.

MusicianAnother interesting read you might like: Digitalization and the Critique of Critics

Of course, a good baseline helps but you can autotune your way around a bad voice if need be. Even if you’re not in the genre for EDM or Techno as such, almost all kinds of music styles are nowadays produced in a technologically advanced and mostly digital way.


It’s not so difficult to make your hand-crafted pieces now with new machines that help you with your small-scale or large-scale projects. The Internet is also falling in love with all the crazy types of 3D printing machines that are being released. T-shirt printing, milling, sculpting, etc. All of this is made more accessible because of technology.

Literary arts

Look at what you’re reading right now, a blog post! The Internet is an excellent place for many content creators to be able to share their work. Anyone can start up their own blog now, just like TechAcute. There is also a steady demand for online writers, like me.

E-books are also a blessing for authors to easier reach their audience, and some people prefer reading novels from the comfort of their phones. Websites such as Wattpad are still great ways to share your stories or read some for free.

Isn’t it amazing how much we’ve grown both in the tech and in the arts industry? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Photo credit: Unsplash

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Ela Denise Buendia
Ela Denise Buendia
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