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Symphony: Secure Collaboration Suite for Financial Sector

Being able to obtain incredible results in the financial sector requires a lot of work and most of the time the commitment as well as attention to detail is what will push you forward towards new and enticing experiences. With that in mind, Symphony, hailing from Palo Alto, CA, offers an interesting tool that you can leverage, because not only does it offer a great collaborative way to work with a team, but it also integrates features specific to the financial market that really makes it stand out among other similar tools.

You get the ability to create a team immediately and since the product is created as a social media, you get to see what others do, what they post and also interact with them. This way you can improve collaboration and teamwork, which is mandatory at all times. You can add in images, tables or anything that is related to the financial world, something that makes Symphony very focused on proper teamwork!

Taxonomy, folksonomy and an app for that

You can also interact with others via hashtags created internally. This way you won’t have a problem making sure that you focus on a specific topic or task, and since there are many filters to choose from, you are bound to enjoy the overall results and experience.

Symphony also offers a dedicated interface where they can buy your services not to mention that the app also integrates a selling side. It’s the combination of dedicated and professional interface what makes the app stand out, because aside from being a great collaborative tool, this is also a great app for those that want a very high quality user experience. It’s definitely a suitable app for everyone interested in attention to detail and the results do stand out quite a lot in the long run.

Interesting for finance sector

I like the fact that the focus is on finances because it does add a new layer of completely to the collaborative side of the app and honestly it also makes the experience more refined as it should be. I definitely appreciate the great quality that comes with Symphony and the more you delve into it, the easier it is to customize and optimize it for your company’s use.

They also encrypt information if you want, and honestly in the business world you surely want that to happen. It really is one of the best tools at your disposal if you want a secure collaboration and the fact that you are in complete control starting with account management and ending with assign features clearly shows an attention to detail that you might not see otherwise.

With Symphony you definitely get the ability to leverage all the power and intellect of your business. The combination of social media and collaboration tools works increasingly well as you go along, so nothing is more impressive than what Symphony does. I liked using Symphony and I feel it’s a great choice for financial companies that want to boost productivity and collaboration!

Funding and acquisition information

Many major banks and other financial institutions (e.g.Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Citigroup, UBS, and others) along with Google have invested a total of $166M+ into Symphony. In 2014 Symphony acquired Perzo and assigned founder David Gurle to be CEO.

Photo credit: Symphony / Rafael Matsunaga
Source: We have been in contact with Samantha Singh, Director of Corporate Communications at Symphony / CrunchBase

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