Switter: Twitter App Alternative on Android with Tinder Feeling?


SwitterSwitter is a new app that tries to bring in a Tinder flavor to Twitter and that’s not exactly a bad thing. One of the things I dislike about Twitter is the fact that the interface could use a lot more work. It’s not as user friendly as many would like it to be and in the end the user experience will not be as good. Which is a problem, considering the fact that many of us are using Twitter on a daily basis.

Switter does a great job when it comes to improving the experience and delivering a little more freedom in the hands of the user.

What the app does is that it enables you to swipe in order to retweet. Despite the fact that the app is under development, the experience is great since you can retweet quickly and while you are on the go. It’s something that does bring in front an immense value that you do not want to miss at all.

 One of the things about Switter which intrigue me quite a lot is that not only does it enable you to retweet fast, it also makes the process seamless and fun. Since it’s early in the development, there aren’t that many features we can know about but what we do know is that you can identify trends, boost your visibility and browse by hashtag without a problem.

Offering a combination of such features is very interesting for Switter and that’s what will certainly make it a hit in the near future. The app does a very good job at bridging the gap between some social features that Twitter does lack at this particular time and ease of use which is a major concern here.

The interface is great and the app is starting to shape up quite nicely despite being in development at this particular time. There’s no real release date at this point but honestly that’s more than ok. I personally hope that the app will offer the ability to enhance visibility on social media and just make that process seamless. Of course, it will be something revolutionary but how much will it change does depend on the social perception.

There’s no denying that people love Twitter because it’s easy to get into and fast to learn. With so much cool stuff to share, Switter is indeed a great new app that will be worth a try. For the time being it’s early in development but you can track its progress on Twitter via @CoSwitter or you can visit them on the Google Play Store right now.

Photo credit: SC Lover
Editorial notice: Their mentioned Twitter account is behaving strangely and is potentially compromised by third parties.

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