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Submitting Your iOS or Android Mobile Apps for a Review

Old Painting iPhone Cameo Asian Influence Historic SmartphoneIf you’re an upcoming mobile app developer, either for the android or for the iOS market, you can always submit your mobile app online for reviews. There’re tons of hungry app ‘consumers’ out there who might find your app useful, and the only way to reach millions of potential users is to get your app reviewed online. When submitting your app, remember to forget all the marketing fluff, just give out the core information. Send it with a compelling description and include screen shots and even YouTube links. Maybe your app isn’t an outstandingly unique one, but you can highlight key areas that make your application different from the rest. No hype please, just send exactly what your application is all about.

Submitting all the required information together with a promotion code doesn’t matter, what matters is knowing exactly the uses, benefits, and bugs in your application. You’ll probably need a promotion code if your app is not for free. The genre of your app will determine the site you’re going to send for review. According to Swrve, around 20% of apps are used only once. Whether it’s a game app, kid’s app, travel app or a nutrition app, get it reviewed in sites tailored to review specific genre apps. Various android and iOS review sites are crowded with applications waiting to be reviewed.

Your app will stand a better chance of getting quick reviews if you create a demo video. This saves time for reviewers as they don’t have to download and check the specs of the app.

One or more members of the review team will get your app tested and reviewed. Normally, the review will be posted to the reviewer’s site, affiliate sites, app blogs, and even the social media. If the review team finds your app is unique and great, they can showcase it on the front page of their site. Several sites offer free standard reviews but if you feel you want an in-depth review, you can subscribe for a premium review package. In case your app scores less than a 3 out of 5-star rating, it’s normal for reviewers to send you a review copy, and ask if you would want your app posted that way. Some may go further to guide you on ways which you can tweak it to make it more appealing.Close up using smartphone app development using texting chat im hand tap crop

Getting your android mobile app reviewed and getting at approved by Google Play Store is easy. But if you’re developing an iOS app, getting it approved by Apple’s App Store is a nerve-racking experience. Most apps review sites recommend that you stage the release of your iOS app and get it approved by Apple before sending the app for review. Once your app has been approved, it’s a big plus because it will get immersive reviews. The submission process becomes tougher and irksome if your application is localized in various languages. However, localized apps have the advantage of higher sales and positive customer feedback.

Don’t sit back and relax after developing a great mobile app, submit to any of the trusted review sites for it to reach out to the global audience. Try it, after all, most sites offer free basic reviews.

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