VR-Viewer Goes Vintage with the Stimuli VR Goggles


Don’t like the Google Cardboard but you’re still looking for a low budget alternative to enjoy VR and other 360° content? Stimuli VR might have what you’re looking for with their 2VR viewing device.

Perhaps they are not the most comfortable option out there but with their $29.99 retail price, they might be interesting for a different segment of potential buyers.

Even though we are sure that virtual reality didn’t exist in the 19th century, this inventor still has presumed that alongside monocles, pocket watches, and snuffboxes of proper gentlemen of the time, there existed a fancy VR headset, Mashable wrote.


Guided by that specific thought, the Stimuli VR creative team that stands behind the 2VR Virtual Reality Headset has presented a vintage 19th – century – a – like VR goggles and they are glorious.

Bottom line is that you can be a proper gentleman (or a lady) and be a modern futuristic fellow. How great is that? This is definitely a new era of VR experience and we can be fairly satisfied.

There are various cool advantages

Another advantage of this VR goggles is that they are designed to be put on 4- to 6-inch smartphones and to have VR view at the same time. And of course not be totally weird in that case, if we can add.

It is just like a new window to another world in your pocket, through a fancy and a bit odd goggles.


How do the goggles work?

Goggles hold the smartphone with rubber grips, and the arms of glasses are well designed to be adjustable and to hold steadily the phone when you are in motion.

If you remembered the Google Carboard device, this is the next iteration in affordable VR technology. Perhaps Stimuli VR will get a foot into the door with their idea. There might be a market for it.

Alongside the better view, this 2VR model comes with a hood. It is a rectangular elastic linen which is meant to cover device in order to block outer  light and enhance the overall experience

So if you prefer to look like the futuristic gentlemen, with incredibly innovative experience trough your phone, this would be your choice of VR goggles.

YouTube: 2VR: The VR Headset for Everyone

Photo credit: Stimuli VR
Source: Adario Strange (Mashable) / Stimuli VR website

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