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Stick Your Phone on Any Surface with This Anti-Gravity Case

Mega Tiny is a designer and manufacturer of smartphone peripherals and other accessories. Their latest goodie is the MEGAVERSE Anti-Gravity Case which allows you to stick your phone to almost any surface.

Why would you do that? Well, there are many applications for that feature actually. If you think through your day, we can identify a couple scenarios like that. For instance, you’re in the kitchen and checking out a recipe or a YouTube how-to video on what you want to cook. You just stick your phone to the wall and can better see what’s going on.

If you’re in the car you can just stick your smartphone somewhere on the dashboard and have it give you navigation. Make sure that’s directly in front of you, so you wouldn’t be distracted by looking somewhere else than straight ahead. Safety first!

Are you a makeup or beauty enthusiast? How about sticking the phone right next to the mirror when you check out the latest guides and articles on grooming and the likes? When you’re at work you can build a little productivity setup with it on your desk. There are really a lot of opportunities to use this case’s features.

What else? Mega Tiny also sells little additions to the anti-gravity case. They give you wallets, bottle openers, and mirrors to stick onto your phone to turn your device into a multi-purpose tool. Maybe it will even work for taking photos? Maybe with a timer set up. That’ll need some practice though.


They are currently out of the version for non-Apple phones but if you want to buy for the iPhone 5-7 , you’ll very likely enjoy this accessory for what it can help you with. The iPhone Anti-Gravity Case from Mega Tiny costs $30 and the add-ons, like the bottle opener, cost another $15. They also have sets and bundles available to save a little money, if you are interested in getting more than just one item.

Mega Tiny Corporation is also working on something they call PowerBulb, the USB charging light bulb. Not much is revealed around this upcoming product but there is a small website for you to sign up to a newsletter, if you want to be notified about their upcoming Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the PowerBulb. We are keen to see more from this company in the future.

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YouTube: MEGAVERSE Anti-Gravity Case from Mega Tiny Corporation with Swappable Backplates

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