Uprising: Can’t Have Enough Star Wars Games!


Since the launch of a new Star Wars movie is closing in very fast, the reality is that more and more games and books are launching in order to connect the new movie with the older ones. Star Wars Uprising is the latest in this unique effort, and it’s definitely one of the major launches from a game standpoint in the mobile franchise.

Deathstick-Star-Wars-Uprising-Mobile-GameThe interesting thing about Star Wars Uprising comes from the fact that this is an action role playing game, something that the mobile franchise didn’t see up until this point. You can compare it with Diablo and you would not be mistaken, this is how interesting and unique the entire experience really gets in this regard.

Moreover, Star Wars Uprising does try to unite the story of the old movies and the new ones through a very interesting set of ideas and of course, we have to deal with some new units.

Since this is an RPG at heart though, the gameplay is designed in order to bring you a wide range of interesting ideas and at the same time the main focus is on the character. You can choose from 4 different races and each one has its own gender, something that makes character choices truly interesting. At the same time, each character has its own set of skills and upgrades, which make playing the game and even replaying some of the levels a whole bunch of fun.

A cool thing is that you can amass a crew in order to receive battle assistance, which is truly important. You can explore the game world as you see fit, however there are a few limitations which come from the story side of the game. Still, there are multiple classes to choose from, even if some of the players will surely be disappointed by the lack of lightsabers and force abilities.

Star-Wars-Uprising-RPG-Inventory-Items-LevelingEven so, the game is definitely a first for the series and surely one of the most interesting, exciting ideas presented in recent years. It’s surely a lot of fun to explore the story beyond the original trilogy and being able to play an ARPG with the action set in the Star Wars universe is just a major plus. You can rest assured that the entire gameplay here is nicely designed and the game world is truly immersive unlike never before. It’s a whole lot of fun to see the entire experience scale and have some impressive battles, but at the same time you will be astonished with the graphical fidelity of the game.

Kabam, the developer of this game did a great job when it comes to immersing you into this cool universe and the experience shines because of that. You will not be disappointed by the game, instead you will fully embrace many of its ideas and the outcome will be well worth it. If you love Diablo games or just want more Star Wars in your gaming life, Star Wars Uprising is surely a great addition for your gaming arsenal.

Try for yourself. Get it on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for free,

YouTube: Star Wars: Uprising – Launch Trailer

Photo credit: Star Wars / Kabam

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