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SSL Certification for Business, Why and When?

Being recognized as the ever growing market, the Internet has been also seen as an easy way for illegal funding source. A significant amount of hackers nowadays are targeting common man, as well as companies, bigger and smaller alike.

Identity, data and money thefts had been increased multiple times for the last few years. There are numerous programs and service procedures which can increase safety of your data, but few are effective as data encryption is.

SSL Certification (Secure Sockets Layer) is one of the most common and most used ways of protection, yet it kept low price for most effective protection system. By encrypting data, and sending it away locked like that, system can be intercepted, but the data which some hacker obtains is literally useless, for it needs to be decoded, and to do so, SSL Certificate is required.


There is no recommendation on when to obtain this way of protection. The only reasonable time upon which to use this protection system is now. It may sound a bit too much, but today’s hackers are targeting and smaller and medium sized companies as well, so thinking that you are “Too small and insignificant” to target is wrong. Any piece of information that can be stolen and exploited later in any means is worth the effort. In addition, several attacks can be mounted on smaller companies, as a plan to attack a larger one, if they are connected. The system of stealing is called “Phishing”, where the data exchanged between server and the user are intercepted and used. But, if the data transported are coded and locked down, the attackers have nothing, and are left with the pile of rubbish.


First of all, if you are doing business over the Internet, for example, selling and buying, or any other type of monetary exchange, your clients and users will want to have guarantees that their money will go to you, so in return they will get the service or item which they paid for. Simply by seeing abbreviation https instead of http, is giving them confidence, for the first one is used for those sites which have passed SSL installation. In this way, you are not wasting money for obtaining this kind of protection, but rather investing it, for your extent of work will be on the rise. For the installation can take some money from you, this sum will return very quickly.

People like feeling safe, and when they do, they will spend extra money, and this directly affects you. So, when the customer sees that you are credited for SSL, it will be clear also that you are doing your job in a good way, thus increasing their trust, so they will continue to use your service, which is just another benefit for you. Also, don’t forget that there is no commercial or advertisement good enough as a satisfied customer is. He will definitely recommend you to his friends. The line will go further, they will recommend you further on, so it is a kind of commercial for itself.

Another good piece of advice would be to retain control over your domain. You need to have 24/7 access to your website, domain name and the SSL certificate. Good tip is to have trusty team of experts to take care about it, so you can remain at peace that yours and the data of the users are safe. Not only by intercepting, but attacking the servers as well can give hackers what they need. Make an impenetrable fortress out of your server, and apply any means necessary to stay safe. Many sites such as PayPal are using this type of protection, and years of impeccable service is the one of the best things you can count on to boost your rating and to stand you out of the competition.

So, with everything said taken into consideration, no matter how high the price may seem, SSL certificate is something you, simply put, must have. It’s the first and the best line of defense, so investing your money into this is not money wasted. And, at the end, what are you waiting for? Apply for certificate as soon as possible.

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