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Create Aliases for Your Real Email with Firefox Relay

Spam today is a big problem for many, especially if you are dealing with an online business or even just a regular internet user. Every time you give your mail address to a website consciously or put it in a reachable location unconsciously, your mailbox could fill with spam. Firefox Relay makes it easy for you to get away from spam and protect your actual email. The basic system of it is called “alias mailing.”

Alias mailing

The word alias means “nickname” or “another name.” Mail aliases are different mail addresses that are linked to the same mailbox. In other words, a mail sent to “mail alias” comes directly to the main mailbox. More than one “mail alias” may be defined for an email account. The email sent to any of these “mail aliases” will come to the same account.

Firefox Relay
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Therefore, the term “mail alias” is actually used to describe the “forwarding mail address” function. In other words, it is another name we give to our email address. When we send an email to this pseudonymous mail address that we have given to our mail address, it comes to our email address again.

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Email aliases can be created on the mail server. The alias can be used for different purposes, such as handling an otherwise long and difficult-to-remember email address. In mail aliases, there are different email addresses connected to the same mailbox, and mail sent to the alias comes directly to the main mailbox. For instance, there is a website called mainaddress.com, a second name is purchased as aliasaddress.com, and people who log in to this pseudonymous site are directly directed to the (main) site called mainaddress.com.


Relaying your emails

Firefox Relay is a service that allows you to create new emails. It is similar to an alias mailing system. However, rather than a temporary email service that goes out when you refresh the page, your mail address will exist until you personally delete it. Once you start to use it, you will receive your random email address, and it will forward emails to your real email address. It acts as a bridge between the email that you are getting and your mail address. You can inactivate or delete it whenever you want.

Firefox Relay forwards 150 kb-sized emails, including their attachments, to your defined email address for your Mozilla account. It can be used in situations where you do not want to reveal your identity by giving your email or to protect your mail address from possible spam.

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