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Snapchat Strikes Back with Bitmoji Shortcuts

That’s right! The social media company that uses a ghost for a logo has found another fun use for the $100 million acquisition they made last year after buying Bitmoji. The newest update, officially launched on March 14, makes it easier -and cooler- for its users to write to their best friends. Now, instead of digging through the contact list to find your Snapchat besties, all you have to do to start a chat is hit their personalized avatars on the home screen -or the “Today” screen- of your phone.

How does this work

To add Bitmoji widgets on iOS, swipe right from the home -to see all your other existing widgets. Scroll down to “Edit”, and tap the + button next to the Snapchat Widget to add it to your Today view. All your Snap besties -with Bitmoji- will automatically be placed. For Android users it’s a lot simpler: tap and hold an empty space on the home screen; select “widgets”; add “Snapchat”. Chose whether to place one friend or several (up to four) and place them where you think best.

It will only show your “Snapchat best friends” that have Bitmoji on their phones. These chosen ones are the people you talk and send more snaps to, and you can see these them in the “My Friends” screen and in the “Send To” screen you see before sending a snap.

Stepping up their game

It seems like, although Facebook has been taking some notes on Snapchat’s work, they are not giving up. Yes, the stories are not exclusively theirs anymore, but Snapchat still offers the disappearing messages, and other secretly and snitch-ishs features that remain solely of their property. Maybe Snapchat could be the most low-key way to talk to friends? Maybe we’ll see more updates that keep us interested? We’ll have to wait and see, but for now, we’re very excited with Snapchat bringing the speed dial back.

Photo credit: Bitmoji
Source: Dan Primack (Fortune) / Hillary Grigonis (Digital Trends)

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