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SMARTECH Tools from BLACK+DECKER Come with an App

Lots of us have tools in their deck and our neighbors do sometimes take them without asking. That’s why a new creation, named the BLACK+DECKER SMARTECH is designed specifically to offer a very good value and some incredible results with a minor investment.

What the BLACK+DECKER SMARTECH does is that it basically swaps with the current power tool battery. However, unlike the regular battery, this one has sensors and tracking tech. it will connect to an app and that app helps you locate and then disable the tool remotely from the phone at any given time according to your needs.

This is a great prevention tool against thieves. There are plenty of thieves out there that target your tools especially because they have the most value. With this particular BLACK+DECKER SMARTECH tool you can easily increase the overall safety of your tools and you will immediately know who took them, where they are located and so on. It’s the ultimate prevention tool and honestly, it’s really nice to see that someone actually took the time to invent such a thing.

But this also works for other avenues. For example, the app is designed in order to disable the functions of your tool directly from your phone. It can help you prevent any injuries in the case of kids and with that in mind the value you receive is nothing short of astonishing. You don’t have to worry about kids wreaking havoc with your tools inside your home ever again, which is truly helpful considering the situation.

Thanks to the BLACK+DECKER SMARTECH you can also figure out when the battery is running low for your tool. You will know when to replace or recharge the battery, something that offers value and incredible results. You also get an USB port which means that you can easily plug it into your phone and get the job done immediately.

Even if the tool is available only in the US for the time being, this is certainly a solid investment and at $50 you can easily do worse. In fact, for a person that uses BLACK+DECKER tools often, it can really deliver an extra safety and the interesting thing is that the results will always be very good. It’s important to note that you truly need to focus on attention to detail and with a tool like this you can do that.

BLACK+DECKER SMARTECH will come soon to other regions as well, so you should check it out when it becomes available. It will definitely be the tool to deliver interesting results and a very good experience, so just check it out and you will not be disappointed!

YouTube: Introducing the BLACK+DECKER App for SMARTECH!

Photo credit: BLACK+DECKER

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