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Finally…Smart Sunglasses That Will Never Get Lost

Losing a pair of special sunglasses sucks. It’s no fun at all. It’s happened to me so many times that I’ve stopped buying designer sunglasses. Now I only spend a few bucks on them because I know it’s only a matter of time till they’re gone. Wouldn’t it be nice to have sunglasses that are impossible to lose? Now we can get those. Finally, smart sunglasses exist. Yahooo!

The Tzukuri smart sunglasses are so smart, they will keep themselves from getting lost. They do this by sending you a message if you misplace them. This is the kind of wearable tech that I can get excited about. It feels like I’ve been waiting forever for someone to invent these.

These smart sunglasses begin notifying you when you move 16 feet away from them. They get really nervous when you get 32 – 50 feet away, and at that point, you’ll receive even more notifications. They’ll even make your iPhone start ringing loudly if that’s what it takes to get your attention.

Of course, if you are at a familiar place, like in your house or office, these smart sunglasses will recognize that. In those places, they won’t start driving you nuts with notifications since they are most likely not lost even if you move away from them.

According to Gizmodiva:

Equipped with a Bluetooth-enabled tracking beacons embedded in the frame, these sunglasses know when they are being left behind somewhere. They use Apple’s iBeacon technology to pair with your iPhone, with an accompanying app. Your iPhone alerts you if you leave your Tzukuris behind, and even tells you the last location you had them with you.

As you might expect, being a geek doesn’t come cheap. If you want a pair of these smart sunglasses, you’ll have to cough up $250. Soon, the price will rise to $350. I suppose if I add up the cost of all the designer sunglasses I’ve lost over the years, it would be much more than that. But still, damn that’s expensive.



Source: Gizmodiva
Photo Credit: Tzukuri

YouTube: Tzukuri – The World’s First Unloseable Sunglasses (by Tzukuri)


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