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Skyüber: The Uber for Flying

There’s no denying that Uber did manage to take the transportation world by storm and as you can see people do like the ability to pay less on services that they are in dire need of. That’s where something like Skyüber fits right in and I am really interested in the way this app works and how it connects pilots with customers unlike never before.

Yes, the Skyüber concept is pretty much similar to Uber however the idea here is that private pilots are sharing their flight plans and via this app the customers will be able to choose where they want to go and hop in the flight they want.

As you know Uber did have a few issues with bad drivers but that’s why Skyüber focuses a lot on the quality of the flight and they only choose the best private pilots, all so that you can stay safe.

Visiting the app or the site allows you to see the upcoming air rides in your area and you can choose to attend them in any way you want without any restrictions. Of course, you also get the option to select specific starting points, destinations and flight times. All of these features add up in order to create a very diverse, unique and exciting premise that you will enjoy at all times.

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The idea to seamlessly combine driver/pilot as well as customer features into a single app is not new, but Skyüber does an amazing job in making everything seem seamless and fun. It’s an amazing experience and one that does manage to pay off big time. It’s a truly extraordinary way to go from one place to another and while they focus mostly on the UK there are other supported regions.

I do hope that Skyüber manages to acquire an even better span and maybe they will have the unique opportunity to become the Uber of air travel. It’s a long way to go until that happens but considering the great lengths that they go to in order to obtain incredible results and help users get the air travel they deserve, I do feel that Skyüber delivers a great potential and something that will indeed pay off.

Pilots can get a good revenue if they use the app to get customers, riders will have no problem getting to where they need without having to pay expensive plane tickets. It’s a really nice concept and I do hope that it will catch on. Will it be as popular as Uber? I don’t think that it will ever be, but the reality is that it doesn’t have to!

Photo credit: Skyüber / Dmitry Terekhov

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