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Skype Now Also Translates Japanese in Real-Time

Microsoft LogoRedmond, US, April 6 — Microsoft’s Skype will now be able to contribute to your conversations in real-time with all Japanese speakers, even if you don’t know Japanese at all.

Good news for those who teach English in Japan, by using a Skype. Now there is no language barrier for wishes to be expressed in a proper way.

Skype announces adding Japanese to their real-time translation software. If you don’t recall, this feature was introduced back in 2014.

Except for Japanese, which is the tenth language in the Translator’s repertoire, you can already make use of the real-time translation in English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Arabic, Russian, and over 60 IM languages.

Skype will also add Japanese on all Microsoft Translation services, including Microsoft Translator Live.

Translator_Video_W_Transcpt1-Skype-Microsoft-Live-Language-TranslationExample screenshot, not a Japanese translation

The idea of adding Japanese into a translator came from the fact that Japan is more and more attractive both for tourism and business.

In their announcement, Skype says, “This is just one example of how Skype Translator is opening opportunities and continuing to provide means of communication that were previously unimaginable. From making the most of your gap year to being more immersed in new cultures, Skype Translator is bringing the world together one conversation at a time”.

Regarding the same post, Skype has pointed that Japanese was really tricky language to add. Apart from this, the translator is meant to be helpful for English speakers, considering that Japanese is one of the most complicated languages to learn.

To use it – click on the globe button in your chat menu. If you’re using Windows 10, click the Skype translator button in the Preview app.

Once the Microsoft Live Translator has been tested with consumers sufficiently, it’s possible that the feature will also be carried over to Skype For Business, the enterprise version of the Skype collaboration solution.

YouTube: How to use Skype Translator

Photo credit: Microsoft
Source: Microsoft press release / Napier Lopez (The Next Web)

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