About Shopify’s Email Marketing Tool for SMBs


Shopify, one of the most prominent ecommerce shop creators, announced that it is now making its innovative and comprehensive email marketing feature available to merchants worldwide. This release was provided as a way to help small to mid-sized businesses that were struggling with the impact of COVID-19 and needed to pivot to an online platform. Here is what you need to know about email marketing on Shopify.

What is the email marketing tool about?

The email marketing tool allows merchants that use Shopify to gain access to the powerful email marketing platform for free or at an affordable rate. The first 2,500 emails you send out per month are free, and every 1,000 emails after that are $1. This affordable marketing option allows you to market your business or your client’s business directly to customers and vendors.

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Perks and features

Shopify email provides several key perks and features, including:

  • Customizable email templates that can import your existing product conduct, logos, products, images, prices, and other information specific to your brand
  • Emails are sent from your merchant’s domain name
  • Custom marketing messages that you can create quickly and efficiently
  • Campaign analytics that gives you greater insight into your success, including details about open and click-through rates, number of products added to carts, and items purchased
  • Branded emails that help to avoid phishing filters
  • Marketing emails through a high-performing platform that frequently outperforms other marketing methods
  • Increased order value per sale
  • Higher open rates than other alternatives
  • Free 2,500 emails each month, followed by $1/1,000 emails after that


How this can help SMBs

This marketing tool can help businesses that are struggling with adapting to a more online model. As consumers spend more time online, you can meet your customers where they are at. Additionally, you can build ongoing relationships with customers and maintain professional email campaigns.

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Some problems the email marketing tool can help you solve include:

  •       Providing an effective method to stay in touch with vendors and communicate about any supply-chain issues
  •       Providing a way to update customers about delivery and pickup information
  •       Offering a way to communicate about your promotions
  •       Giving you a platform to maintain effective communication with your loyal customer base
  •       Promoting your business for subsequent purchases
  •       Responding to abandoned carts automatically
  •       Offering an option for win-back campaigns to reclaim customers
  •       Determining the best type of emails to send to customers
  •       Automating your emails for the best time and day response
  •       Automating welcome and follow-up emails for your customers
  •       Avoiding bounce back issues
  •       Creating lifecycle emails to market to your customers where they are at in the customer journey


Shopify’s email marketing platform is one of the broadest and most efficient. With the new option to freely or affordably send out your marketing messages, this represents a good opportunity to try out new campaigns and amp up your marketing efforts. For more tips, check out the video embedded below.

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