Seventh Sense Brings You Almost Pain-Free Blood Collection Device


SeventhSense_logoToday we found out about Medford, Massachusetts based biotech company Seventh Sense Biosystems, who are working on blood collection devices, that work virtually pain-free. The TAP (Touch Activated Phlebotomy) can draw blood without big needles by penetrating uppermost layers of skin and creating a vacuum to collect up to 100 microliters of blood, enough as sample to analyse the blood.

This technology could be very interesting to use in the future as it is highly portable, can be self-administered and is sufficiently sterile and secure to use. The company is sometimes also referenced to as 7SBio.

How to use the TAP device?

Using TAP blood collection device is a two step process. You place the device on the skin and press the button carefully. The blood collection is primarily possible because of an vacuum effect. This happens virtually pain-free without directly accessing a vein. The collected blood is saved in a reservoir and can be removed for analysis. In the future the device could maybe also be connected to other systems directly for instant processing of the sample.

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Competition to Theranos?

The TAP collection device by  Seventh Sense Biosystems is still in testing and development phase. The device has been reported to sometimes not collect enough blood for a test on a single use. Regardless of it’s current stage, this could be a rival to the blood collection solutions of scandal plagued Med Tech startup Theranos in the future.

Quote of the CEO

“With increased migration of care to locations outside of the hospital and the significant rise in consumer interest in understanding and taking action to improve their health status, Seventh Sense is at the forefront of developing innovative new products for blood diagnostic testing when and where desirable.”
– Howard Weisman, CEO at 7SBio

About Seventh Sense Biosystems

Founded in 2008, within Flagship VentureLabs 7SBio is developing and commercializing an array of products based on the company’s proprietary Touch Activated Phlebotomy painless blood collection platform, with an initial focus on enabling important diagnostic testing at the point of care by reducing the discomfort, anxiety and hassle of blood sample collection that can inhibit and sometimes prevent patients from undergoing blood tests and receiving appropriate care.

The management team consists of Howard J. Weisman, Howard Bernstein,Jerry Brightbill, and Tim Richards. Investments into Seventh Sense Biosystems have been done by Harry Wilcox, Flagship Ventures Chief Operating Officer and General Partner, since 2007.  He is also on the board of the company.

Editorial note: This news report contains parts that reflect the personal opinion of the author.

Photo credit: Seventh Sense Biosystems / National Eye Institute
Source: Seventh Sense Biosystems / Doni Bloomfield (Bloomberg) / Steve Tobak (FOX Business)

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