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Self-Driving Car Neural Network in GTA V with Python [Video]

Okay, so GTA V is still pretty popular with the gamers. Self-driving cars are on the rise and a hot topic in research and venture capital alike. Neural networks and machine learning change the way we interact with technology and how tech interacts with us. Why not put all of that into one low-budget sandbox without the risk of hurting anyone? Well, except for some virtual folks perhaps.

Harrison Kinsley from the sentdex YouTube channel usually posts useful tutorials about Python programming but one video, in particular, caught my attention. Watch him work on the project (GitHub link) wherein he uses GTA V to let cars learn how to drive through the city on their own with Python video and Tensor Flow. If you liked that, make sure to give him a subscription, or hire him for some more realistic projects of your own. Enjoy!

YouTube: Self-driving car neural network in the city – Python plays GTA with Tensor Flow p.14

Photo credit: The feature image is owned by Rockstar Games.

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