‘Sea of Thieves’ Beginners Guide: 7 Tips for Beginner Pirates


If you are a lover of the ocean and its related accompaniments, such as sailors and pirates, then Sea of Thieves is the game for you. The game involves combating enormous monsters, clanging swords with skeletons, and gathering that precious loot.

However, it will be as good as trying to cross the sea with a car if you lack the needed information for the game. So, this article provides you with seven basic tips you need before heading off to sail that ship.

Sea of Thieves beginners guide

1. Know the vessels

In Sea of Thieves, there are three different kinds of ships that are allowed to carry designated numbers of passengers. However, you can carry a higher number of passengers, but we recommend sticking to the instruction.

The ship names are Sloop, Brigantine, and Galleon, with space for 1-2, 3, and 4, respectively. Also, each ship has cannons that you can use if you run into opposition. Lastly, each ship has a wheel, an anchor, and sails that you can either open or close.

2. What quest are you embarking on?

As a beginner, there are three categories that you will deal with, each offering unique quests you can choose. The Gold Hoarders, for example, will need you to scout islands for chests through riddles or maps.

Order of Souls is another category that tasks you with killing skeleton captains and having their glowing skulls sold. However, since you are new to the game, click the maiden voyage icon at the bottom to the right of the main menu screen. It will take you to the game’s beginner tutorials.

3. Be sure to have enough supplies

You will be spawned onto a random spot on the map with only your ship. Unfortunately, with only your ship, you are at the mercy of some unfriendly pirates roaming the surroundings. So you must look out for barrels strewn at random locations at the outpost.

Sea of Thieves - Crew in small ship
Image: Microsoft

These barrels contain such items as food, wood, and cannonballs. Also, note that you can only carry a given amount of items on you. So it is good to make trips to your ship to keep items and return for more.

4. You’ll need to control that ship

Sea of thieves has several moving parts. You’ll need to read maps for rocks and the presence of other pirates. In addition, you’ll also need to drop the sails at certain angles so that they billow in the wind for more speed. Finally, learn to give the ship direction using the wheels. Moreover, if you are in a team, you all need to have assigned duties.

5. Know the uses of each item in your pirate kit

Having an inventory containing items of which you do not know their uses is useless. Some of the important items you will find in the game are bananas and planks. The bananas serve as a medication of some sort for injuries from shark attacks or fights against other pirates.

On the other hand, the planks are used to repair broken parts or holes in your ship. These damages might result from your bad steering or from enemy cannon blasts. Other items you’ll find include a bucket, a compass, cannonballs, a lantern, a telescope, a shovel, etc.

6. Don’t keep too many treasures on the ship

Keeping treasures on your ship is a sure way of attracting enemy pirates who will stop at nothing to loot those treasures. Also, you have zero chances of retrieving those treasures if your ship sinks for any reason. We recommend you head to the closest outpost and sell your treasures to the Gold Hoarder’s shopkeeper.

7. Avoid uncharted territories

Sea of Thieves allows players to play in limited territories only covered on the map. When you wander out of safety, it will take only a short while before your ship starts taking damage. Once you start hearing funny creaks, run for your dear life. So, it’s important to keep an eye on the map to avoid wandering too far from safety.


Sea of Thieves is a game that promises so much adventure and fun, with hungry-looking sharks and spooky skeletons. However, before you play the game, make sure you have gotten enough knowledge about the dangers associated with pirates.

YouTube: Sea of Thieves – Complete Ship Guide

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