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Clever Buoy to Protect You from Shark Attacks

There might be a few people out there that love sharks, but for most of us they are a peril and they have to be stopped as fast as possible. Because of that, finding new solutions to analyze shark whereabouts and figuring out where you are safe to bathe is mandatory, and it seems that a new solution named Clever Buoy was created specifically to address this type of problem.

Clever Buoy is a very interesting device that has a simple, refined and very useful premise. Basically, it was designed specifically to integrate a sonar that allows you to further detect the shark movement at all times. It uses the sonar to the best of its capabilities and the information is immediately sent to the lifeguards on the beach so they can immediately alert people when a shark is in the area.

With so many people getting killed by sharks most of the time by accident it’s crucial to focus on safety and I feel that the Clever Buoy does an amazing job in getting a really good user experience and focusing on results, something that you can rarely find nowadays.

The Clever Buoy includes a custom batter that brings power to the sonar, transmission and data analysis, all in a single and truly professional package that you will appreciate. The data analyzer included here is very good and certainly one of the best in the business, which does manage to offer scientist a lot of info about shark migration and so on, all while keeping the people in this region safe.

The transmitter in this device is connected with a satellite so the information can easily be channeled via mobile anywhere in the world. It’s definitely one of the best choices that you can make and it does bring in front some incredible possibilities.

An interesting feature for me is the fact that shark detections are shared on Google Plus so people that have access to the network will definitely like the user experience and the overall outcome that you can get out of it.

Honestly I feel that investing in such tools is the right way to prevent accidents and deaths on the beach from sharks that roam in the area. Tech really has the power to address such issues and it all comes down to us to make sure that we use it properly. Clever Buoy is a nice push into the right direction and with satellite integration and so much tech, it surely delivers a really good user experience. Hopefully more and more Clever Buoys will be appearing throughout the world!

YouTube: Introducing Clever Buoy

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