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Sculpteo and Forward AM To Create New Materials For Mobility

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BASF‘s 3D printing brands, Sculpteo and Forward AM, are now boosting production capacity with the implementation of new features. These companies are announcing a new 3D printing material range for the automotive industry.

The idea here is to make them flexible, affordable, and heat resistant, not to mention a lot stronger. These materials will make it easy to manufacture large parts very quickly, eliminating any worries for drivers while also being able to cut a lot of expenses.

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The materials they are creating are Polyamide 6, thermoplastic (TPU), and polypropylene. They have Polyamide 6, which is a rigid and technical material that offers tremendous flame resistance and high-temperature resistance in general. The other material is thermoplastic, a very flexible and powerful material. Lastly, you have polypropylene which is a very inexpensive material that can be used to manufacture large parts at an industrial scale.


Sculpteo is a subsidiary for the company who are currently doubling their own production capacity due to the increase in demand. This stands in line with the BASF growth and exposure, something that will become more powerful in the long run for the company.  On top of that, it’s important to note that both Sculpteo and Forward AM stated they are offering new metal filaments and polymer materials for both industrial and transportation series.

How the materials are used

BASF used its two R&D centers in France and Germany to perfect the technology to create the three materials that should prove to be very helpful in transportation. Companies will be able to use Polyamide 6 to create brackets, headlight housings, ventilation grids, parts used under the hood, and so on. Meanwhile, TPU will work great with customized cockpits, joints, pipes, and dashboard elements. As for Polypropylene, it will be more suitable for connection parts, reservoirs, and the like.

Sculpteo is also offering metal 3D printed parts and big parts too. The company currently has these materials that are already accessible. This is a big deal because it showcases the true importance of 3D printing for industrial customers and companies that rely on the efficiency and speed of these lightweight products.


The Forward AM team is very excited to work with Sculpteo because it allows them to offer fast services and better deployment. The technology and materials provided here make it easy to boost mobility while also eliminating many of the challenges that appear on the market from this type of issue.

Recently, Sculpteo invested EUR 2 million in 3D print machines suitable for laser-sintering, so they are preparing even more technologies and features for their clients. The addition of new 3D printing materials and the boosted production lines clearly show just how valuable this technology is for industrial customers.

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It’s more than just a fad like it was in the beginning. Now it’s something that is growing and expanding, and it will certainly bring in some astounding ideas. It’s incredible to see the addition of new materials suitable for industrial projects, and BASF will continue to expand and focus on creating even more materials for their clients.

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