‘Rydes’ Mobility Rewards App Is Launched by Lufthansa Innovation Hub


Lufthansa Innovation Hub LogoBerlin, Germany, March 20, 2019 — Lufthansa Innovation Hub starts Rydes mobility app as Europe’s first reward program to include all types of transportation, including air, rail, and inter-city bus rides.

Uber helped our culture to change. People are relying less on their own cars and especially in urban areas people like to use other means of transportation to get around more conveniently.

By launching the Rydes app, Lufthansa Innovation Hub is offering a reward program that offers perks to those who get around using public transportation and car-hailing services. This also includes car-sharing, bike-sharing, and eScooter-sharing services which are getting more and more popular, with the hope of kick-scooters being added soon into the program.

A fully digital experience

René Braun, Rydes project manager at the Lufthansa Innovation Hub, states, “With Rydes, we are launching a whole new type of loyalty program that does not reward loyalty to a type of transport and thus reacts to the changing mobility behavior of parts of the young, digital-savvy generation. With Rydes, we are testing a new program that stands out in three key ways: It works for all mobility providers, it is 100 percent digital, the rewards are curated for the target group and can be redeemed transparently and very easily”.


It all works through the app. You can scan in your tickets and Rydes will reward you with points for each trip and interaction. After collecting a bunch of points you can redeem them for rewards. You could also receive vouchers from partners such as Eurowings, Amorelie, Tinder, ABOUT YOU, and Amazon. That can be nice to get discounts for fitness memberships, or a quick free coffee on the way to work.

Data is key

Sharing personal data for rewards has been around for a while. Payback was a pioneer in gathering and selling precise user data. Some people might be reluctant to share their location-specific personal data, but as long as they are agreeing to it and getting rewarded for their data, I see no harm in joining such a program. Everybody can decide on their own whether or not they’d like to use such a service.

RYDES is now available as a beta version in the app stores for iOS and Android.
Photo credit: All material used had been provided to us by Lufthansa Innovation Hub for press usage.
Source: Lufthansa press releases

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