RunLites Introduce New Versions of Flashlight Gloves


Philadelphia, 16-August – RunLites, by Mangata, introduces two new product lines for their ‘enlightening’ wearable gear. Their flashlight gloves can help the safety of athletes, running in the dark, or be helpful to handy folks working in dark places.

Whether you’re a prepper, runner or worker in the dark. The use of the RunLites should give you the comfort of lighting up the space around you, without the need to carry traditional flashlight. The solution might not be cutting edge technology but it has a case and market. It does make sense, it helps the target group solving a problem, it looks cool and it’s not overpriced.

“We are thrilled with the enormous consumer response to RunLites,” said Mary Tiffin, President and CEO of RunLites. “We’ve been listening to our happy users and have been adding more function and fashion to enhance our expanding product line.”

RunLites Splash line

Looking at the history of RunLites and their online shop, the Splash version of their RunLites glove is not new. The glove is available in three major versions. One for runners, cyclists and athletes – one for survivalists and people enjoying outdoor activities – and one for everyday use. The versions are available in different styles, so pick the one you like the most or go for whatever matches your running outfit. RunLites from the Splash line are available for about $20 per pair.

RunLites Gloves Torch Flashlight Light Gear Equipment Features List

RunLites Sling line

The RunLites Sling product line seem to be the new product here. The Sling versions are designed with a focus on comfort and reducing the fabrics to target a market in warmer climate regions. Except for that, the actual hardware of the RunLites solution in the Sling line is the same as from the Splash line. The RunLites from the Sling line are available for about $16 per pair.

RunLites Sling

For both product lines the mentioned pricing is only for the glove itself. The torch module is sold separately for $10 and fits all the gloves. This makes sense if you want to buy several versions of the glove and only one LED torch. The LED module can be recharged via USB and has two modes to shine with either 40 or 80 lumens.

To give possibly interested people a little buying motivation, they are also doing a special sale and said, “to celebrate the launch, from August 17-31, RunLites is offering a special introductory offer. Customers who purchase any pair of RunLites will receive a 50% discount on the purchase of a pair of LED light units and a dual port rechargeable cable (regularly $19.95)”.

About RunLites

RunLites gloves are a patented wearable technology solution, offering powerful, hands-free personal LED lighting.  A next-generation wearable device designed for night-time or low-lit areas, RunLites replace clunky and uncomfortable head lamps, vests and clip-on lights and handheld lights.  With two brightness settings and a rechargeable USB battery, RunLites are ideal for runners, walkers, cyclists, hunters, survivalists, homeowners and anyone who wants to direct light, without limiting the use of their hands.

YouTube: RunLites® — Gloves with Built-in Lights

Photo credit: RunLites
Source: PR Newswire
Editorial notice: The “about text” and the quote where provided by RunLites for generic PR purposes.

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