Rite Press Is Your New French Press Coffee Maker with Useful Features


If you always wanted to get your own french press but hesitated because you don’t like the struggle of cleaning traditional press systems, your time has come. The Rite Press is a new kind of coffee maker with a neat design and useful features.

Different versions

There are various versions of the Rite Press. You can get a metal one, or one in matte black either with the size to make a half liter or to brew a full liter of coffee. Later this year, they will also offer ceramic units in black/gold, white/silver, and rose/gold – again in the sizes of a half liter or a full liter.

Rite Press How to make french press coffee ceramic metal versions prices

Useful gadgets and features

Buying a Rite Press, you will get a detachable thermometer that will tell you just the right water temperature to brew your coffee. On the press itself, you also have an integrated hourglass that runs out precisely at the time your coffee needs to finish. But I think my favorite feature is the removable bottom that allows you to just empty the used coffee powder in the bin without making a mess.

Price and crowdfunding

A generic traditional French press is available for about ten bucks. It works but it’s rarely pretty, and it’s not much fun to use. You’ll also find yourself for means to track the brewing time and finding a way to get the temperature right. If you want to go for the Rite Press, costs vary depending on size and style of the press but start at around 100 bucks retail price.

Rite Press How to make french press coffee

If you want to get the units cheaper, you can now back their running Kickstarter campaign for a discount of about 70% in comparison to the planned retail pricing. That means, the most affordable Rite Press, the half-liter version in silver metal, is available for $30 without shipping costs within the US.

Word from the founder

Sargam Patel, Rite founder, and CEO explains, “Coffee got me through founding and building my first company and remains a cherished part of my day. Having tried many methods, I believe the French press is the best way to brew coffee at home. It’s simple to use, environmentally friendly and makes amazing coffee. But the design of the French press hasn’t been improved since they were first developed in 1929. I thought it was time to change that.” If you’re a fan of good design and coffee, this is something you might want to check out closer.

YouTube: RITE Kickstarter Campaign Full Video (with subtitles)

Photo credit: Rite

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