Ring Always Home Cam Provides Autonomous Home Surveillance


When Amazon unveiled a line of new products on September 24, some stood out more than others. In a range of impressive tech, the show-stopper was easily their flying security camera. The Always Home Cam from Ring isn’t your average smart camera but an autonomous security drone.

Concerned homeowners won’t have to worry about optimal camera placement with the Always Home Cam. Instead of constantly filming one area, Amazon’s home security drone flies along a preset path, recording everything it encounters. That way, users get the coverage of multiple cameras with a single device.

Features and specs

Unlike most drones, the Always Home Cam is entirely autonomous, with no manual controls. Instead, users walk it along the path they want it to follow and set waypoints for it. When it flies, it’ll follow this route, flying for up to five minutes before returning to its dock.

Always Home Cam
Inactive docking station (left), drone unit taking off (right)

When docked, the Always Home Cam will take roughly an hour to recharge. On top of flying along its predetermined route, it can integrate with Ring’s Alarm security kit. During “away” mode, the drone will respond to any unexpected activity the network detects, flying to check it out.

The Always Home Cam will record HD footage, which users can live stream or watch back on their phones. It also comes with obstacle avoidance technology to stop it from running into anything. A plastic casing around the propellers also provides further protection to the device.

Given Ring’s history of surveillance concerns, this latest gadget comes with some added privacy features. The camera will only record while flying, which the company ensures by blocking the lens with the dock. The company is also introducing end-to-end encryption for its devices, including the Always Home Cam.

The automated, connected future of home security

With the current technology, the availability of Wi-Fi speeds to 10Gbps, and accessibility of compatible devices available on the market, it’s no wonder that smart homes are growing. As more of these gadgets fill homes though, security becomes a more pressing concern. Tech like the Always Home Cam provides a modern solution to this modern problem: using smart gadgets to secure smart homes.

The Always Home Cam isn’t significant just because it flies, but because it’s autonomous. It’s like having a personal security guard without having to hire anyone. This kind of automation wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t part of a larger system. It works best when it works as part of the broader Ring Alarm security network. Connecting to other sensors and alarms in the home allows it to react to events, not just follow a program.

Amazon Ring Smart Home Security IoT Sensor Window
Sensor on the window is triggered

The Always Home Cam’s automation and connectivity provides a certain level of flexibility that is lacking in a lot of security in tech. Older security lets users deter threats or look back at incidents after the fact. However, the Home Cam goes a step further, reacting in real-time.

This trend of automation and interconnectivity isn’t popular among all consumers. Plenty of people have voiced concern over the camera drone and similar tech. As home security moves along this path, it may need some extra privacy measures too.

Modern security in a modern world

People’s homes today are more tech-centric than ever, especially as more smart home gadgets emerge. These hi-tech homes need hi-tech security to keep them safe, which is precisely what the Always Home Cam represents in a new era of home security.

Amazon Ring Always Home Cam Smartphone Screenshot
Mockup of how it would look on your smartphone

Having better security is joining the automation revolution, and the Always Home Cam is one of the many indications of that movement. It may not be long before nearly all home processes don’t need human involvement. The Always Home cam will cost $250 and will be available for purchase in 2021.

YouTube: The Ring Always Home Drown Cam Does Automated Surveillance for You

Photo credit: The feature image used is owned by Ring and has been provided for press usage. The other pictures are still frames from the video footage that was made available for media.
Source: Drew Harwell (Washington Post) / Kellen Browning (New York Times)

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