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Review: ABC of ICT

ITIL, or Information Technology Infrastructure Library can be identified as a bunch of practices, which help to deliver Information Technology Service Management (ITSM). That is mainly used to fix all IT related services, used in any business organization and industry. There are many thought leaders, who have analyzed this methodology, and they have recognized good practices of IT service management and they have shared their knowledge through published articles and books.

van-haren-publishing-gaming-works-abc-of-ict-card-game‘ABC of ICT’ the card deck and exercise book is a great example of how to educate and train with gamification. You can learn how business organization’s demands of information communication technology can be managed through ITIL and learn about common issues.

As regular people, we can only understand IT services as a source of input and output, but for other people it can be slightly different to understand and appreciate. Paul Wilkinson and Jan Schilt did a great job on defining everything around ICT and its usage carefully in the ABC of ICT. When you open this package and check out the cards you will burst with laughing because the illustrations are realistically capturing scenes from a imaginative organisation and their trouble with ICT and ITSM.

This is how the ABC of ICT is built:

  • Attitude – This is what people think and feel. It is their demeanour and how they react to the world about them. How they react to a change initiative, a colleague or a customer.
  • Behavior – This is what people do. Behaviour is influenced by attitude and by the culture of the organization.
  • Culture – This can be described as the accepted ways of working within an organization, the values and standards that people find as normal.

The primary goal of this bundle is to aid IT team’s workers, managers and executives. The whole piece explains very well how to establish healthy practices around ICT and ITSM by comically showing the ‘worst practices’ in comparison to an ideal scenario. This has value for the company and how to take care of attitude, behaviour and culture problems in the company.

You can check out more on this on the Van Haren Publisher page and Amazon. If you are challenged with people not understanding the value of ITIL and ITSM in general and want to prepare a workshop, we strongly recommend you to consider this card deck and book bundle.

Photo credit: Sharon Drummond

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