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Retrofitting Old Homes with Second Skin, Making Them Energy Neutral [Video]

There are some great technologies out there that can be used in construction when you’re building a new house, but when we look at old houses, things get more complicated. In order to test the possibilities for retrofitting old buildings Waterweg Housing Cooperation, BIK bouw, Climate- KIC BTA, Provincie Utrecht, TU Delft, TU München, Sto Isoned, Itho Daalderop and Kingspan has been working together on a pilot to give 12 homes a second skin to turn them into zero energy buildings.

But how are they actually doing this? The second skin is being built around the house with about 20 centimeters of painted styrofoam. The houses get new windows, the roofs are insulated and get solar panels. The floor, as well, is completely insulated and heating was installed within the skin. Watch the video below for more info and insight. Enjoy!

YouTube: TU Delft TV – Second skin to make old houses energy neutral

Photo credit: The feature image is a still from the video by TU Delft TV and owned by them.
Source: TU Delft TV blog articleJos Wassink (Delta)

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