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RetargetApp: Ad Automation Made Simple for Online Businesses

Shopping online has been a trend these past few years, and it’s easy to see why. The ease and convenience of purchasing things online from the comforts of our own home is enticing in itself.

Of course, there are times that people find something they fancy and add it to their cart on a whim but forget to purchase. It’s almost akin to walking into a store and seeing something nice but not buying anything, not that it’s bad. Now with online shopping made available, it’s almost a hobby when people scroll around for their next purchase but never goes through with it.

This has pushed businesses to create online presences to keep their customers interested. This includes investing time and money on MarTech for ad campaigns to run on every social media platform. However, if you own a startup online store, those might be resources that you don’t have. Well, here’s where the RetargetApp comes in to help.

Retargeting potential clients

Online ads have become an important aspect in online businesses to keep the interests of regular customers while attracting new ones. RetargetApp is one such product that will basically help you retarget the people with a simple online ad campaign.

The app retargets customers who have viewed your website with dynamic product ad campaigns. These ads would automatically appear on sites like Facebook to remind them of your merchandise and store. It also analyzes your customers’ shopping habits and reacts accordingly towards that.

The service has an extensive reach with mostly positive interactions of its ads. The app also boasts the ease of setting up ad campaigns with it. Aside from this, it can monitor your campaign automatically and optimize it, as well as adjust your budget for retargeting audiences.

The RetargetApp has recently won first place in Vestbee’s CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) Scaleup Challenge on July 27, 2019. This scaleup challenge, which showcased more than 350 companies in the region, is known to be the biggest online contest for startups.

Interested in retargeting your own customers to your online shop? The service has a comparatively low price tag, starting at $19 per month and it has a free 14-day trial. You can download the app using Shopify and BigCommerce.

YouTube: RetargetApp: Efficient automated ads for online stores

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Sources: Alexander Yemets (RetargetApp / RetargetApp) / Vestbee

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