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Maintain Social Distancing but Be Closer with Tactus Lamps

This current COVID-19 situation has made a strong impact on our daily lives. To reduce the possibility of getting infected, you need to practice social isolation. This means you cannot move anywhere, cannot go outside, and especially cannot meet with other people. You could, however, let your loved ones know you are thinking of them with the Tactus Lamps.

Now, this social distancing period is getting longer and may continue until there is a proper solution for it, but is it making you lonely over time? Are you missing your dearest ones? Crave to hug them right away? This cannot all be solved with tech but in the future, there could be ways to improve the situation. Stockholm-based industrial designer Alexander Lervik, the creative force behind Swedish lift manufacturing company Aritco is researching this subject and came up with a solution to help combat loneliness during social isolation – the Tactus Lamps.

Technology to help combat social isolation

Alexander Lervik Tactus Lamps Aritco Lift AB Design Social Distancing Closeness FaceLift
Alexander Lervik

Lervik had personal experience of living apart from relatives and began to research a solution to help combat isolation and loneliness especially for the older people in our society. He designed the ergonomic, pebble-shaped glass Tactus Lamps which come in pairs and can be linked with Wifi. The lamp remains white when dormant but it turns into glowing red when one of the paired pebbles is touched.

How does Tactus Lamp support social distancing?

When it goes into production, you will be able to gift the Tactus Lamps to your loved ones who are living alone and feeling isolated. You will be able to see the lamps glowing when the other person is thinking of you and touches the lamp. If you stroke your lamp a little longer, a gentle internal heater will be activated. It will start to warm up and pulse like a heartbeat.

There is a growing concern that social isolation also comes with a risk to older people’s health and well-being. The designer Alexander Lervik was highly motivated to explore a technological solution to social isolation which would help people feel closer to each other. His personal experiences inspired him to create something extraordinary like this. The lamps will make it easier to keep in touch even though you might be living apart from each other. Possibly they could also encourage inter-generational socializing and living.

The creator’s perspective

The Tactus Lamps are Lervik’s emotional response to staying apart from his dearest ones. He created a piece of video art that portrays an aged lady whose face lights up with joy. Lervik is a creative consultant for the Swedish lift manufacturer Aritco and he also designed a new lift with an LED screen that displays the video. They named it the “FaceLift”.

Alexander Lervik Tactus Lamps Aritco Lift AB Design Social Distancing Closeness FaceLift
Aritco FaceLift with video screen launched during Stockholm Design Week 2020

To illustrate his creation of Tactus Lamps he said, “Often you don’t have time for a phone call or a video chat but feel guilty for not communicating at all. The Tactus Lamps send a simple message that’s more emotional than a text. I launched the Tactus Lamps at an exhibition during Stockholm Design Week, and a few older people who tried them out started quietly crying when the lamps started to glow. They wanted to buy several sets for all their children and grandchildren. It was very moving.”

The manufacturer’s perspective

According to David Schill, the Marketing Director of Aritco, “We asked Alexander to design a lift that would appeal to all members of the family. He approached it like a piece of furniture and developed adjustable lighting, an ergonomic control panel, and ‘design walls’ that are customizable, and this latest addition of a video screen allows for an even more personalized product for the home. Our aim is to help all members of a family stay connected.”

We are living in a critical situation currently where we need to stay safe to keep others safe. The formula is easy; staying at home and maintaining social distancing. Keeping a social distance is mandatory but still, we can still socialize virtually. To stay in touch with our family or friends or loved ones, we have the technology. Utilizing technological advancement, Alexander Lervik has designed the Tactus Lamps to make you see the response of your loved one in real-time. This amazing invention can even let you feel their pulse. You may be staying apart but you are always close to those you love.

Photo credit: The images shown are owned by Aritco Lift AB as well as Alexander Lervik and were used with permission.
Source: We received the press release from Aritco Lift AB.

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