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RC Car Racing Turns VR with the Kobotix Real Racers

Car racing is now available for everyone! Well, at least the experience of car racing, which is probably far safer than the actual thing. This is brought to you by the Hong Kong-based tech toy company Kobotix. They have invented a Real Racer to give you an immersive racing experience, unlike anything else on the market.

What is Real Racer?

Real Racer is an FPV RC car with a mission to bridge the gap between cheap and low-end and expensive and complex products. Accompanied by a quality FPV RC experience at an affordable price, it provides the best of the two worlds. With this mini racer, you can get behind the steering wheel and turn almost any surface into your own racing track, or just drive around exploring.#


Operating using plug-and-play old-school RC control, you can start racing in a matter of minutes. No need for any expert knowledge or detailed setup. The only thing you need to do is turn it on and connect your phone via an app that is available on the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.

Real Racer characteristics

The car’s camera delivers 720p High-Definition low latency video to give you the best possible experience without actually putting you behind a wheel of a huge (and dangerous) Formula 1 racing car. The driver’s view video system is fast and without latency, streaming via your Wi-Fi connection. Reaching speeds up to 20 km/h (12.4 mph), the car has a 4-wheel drive system, fully independent suspension, and its controllable distance range is up to 30 meters (98.4 feet). All this works with a little help from a quick swap, rechargeable LiPo battery pack.

Moreover, the car comes with customization options available via interchangeable body shells or create-your-own option with blank body shells.


As previously mentioned, the controller app is available for download and works on Android and iOS smartphones. It offers the option to save your races to your smartphone and share videos with your friends. The car itself also has an SD card slot if you want to capture everything.

Finally, if you want to purchase a full package that comes with a headset, RC controller, rechargeable LiPo battery pack and the car, it will cost you $89 USD, or $74 USD if you already have a headset. You can buy additional shells, battery packs, and spare wheel and tire set, all for under $10 USD. A separate headset is available for only $20 USD.

YouTube: KOBOTIX | Real Racer | Driver’s View Racing Experience

Photo credit: All material shown is owned by Kobotix.

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