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Razer Supports Cloud Gaming With Universal Controllers and More

Razer unveiled its newest gaming electronics and accessories during CES 2020. Partnered with huge tech companies like Intel and NVIDIA, Razer hopes to make a name for itself in the world of 5G cloud gaming.

Razer’s new controllers

The company announced a new line of universal gaming controllers called the Razer Kishi. The controllers are Android and iOS-supported cloud gaming controllers that focus on low latency gameplay.

They look similar to current console controllers, but with a sleek and small design meant for playing on the go. The controllers work off of NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW cloud gaming, a system that aims to bring the power of a gaming PC to any device. The controllers will work with most Android and iOS devices, including Samsung, Apple, and Google Pixel phones.


The Sila 5G Home Router

Razer also announced the Sila Home Router, a 5G device designed with gamers in mind. The Sila offers ultra-low latency gameplay for PC, console, and mobile gaming.

It’s sleek and lightweight design also make it transportable as a 5G hotspot wherever you may go. Via the router’s app, users can give bandwidth priority to whichever connected device they wish. It also includes a “gaming mode” for seamless online connectivity.

The Razer Tomahawk

The Tomahawk is Razer’s take on a very compact and streamlined desktop system. Utilizing Intel’s exceptional NUC 9 Extreme Compute Element, the system has the power of a gaming desktop without the weight.


Razer gives many ways to customize or upgrade the Tomahawk with a variety of Intel processors and NVIDIA graphics cards to choose from. Those who wish to build from scratch can also purchase the Tomahawk frame by itself for a very customizable desktop experience.

Razer’s E-racing Simulation Project

Along with the other products unveiled, Razer also introduced an incredible e-racing simulator system. All placed on a motion platform that simulates actual terrain, the system has full manual controls, realistic surround sound, and G-force effects, among many other things. Partnered with Vesaro, Simpit, Fanatec, and Synthesis VR, Razer aims to make its e-racing simulator the standard for esports gaming.


It goes without saying that the products Razer showed at CES 2020 look incredibly promising. They hit every portion of the gaming market and then some with the 5G compatibility being a great next step for online gaming. With mobile, desktop, and esports aimed devices, Razer makes sure that there is something for everyone to look forward to.

YouTube: Razer Kishi | Mobile & Cloud Gaming Controller for iOS/Android

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