Razer Nabu: New Smartband in Town


Razer is a tech company that has always tried to push the boundaries when it comes to delivering the best experiences for its users. The same can be said by the Razer Nabu, a wearable smartband that was specifically created to help you stay connected at any given time.

One of the major features brought by Razer Nabu is that it instantly notifies you when something important happens. Be it the fact that you receive a message or the alarm sounds, the device vibrates, telling you that it immediately requires your attention. What’s interesting is that these modifications can be disabled through a simple sharking method, which is quite neat.

Additionally, the wristband provides you with lots of features, such as a utility for the Nabu companion app that can be installed on the phone. This gives access to multiple things, from notification priorities to multiple apps such as SMS, Skype, Facebook, Google Maps, Twitter or even calling. Accessing this right from Razer Nabu is quite a unique thing, to say the least.

nabu-analyze-phoneRazer Nabu successfully incorporates some of the features you can find on popular wristbands as well. It allows you to track things like the number of calories that you burned, the steps taken during the day, the hours you sleep and it even helps you achieve the personal goals. The bio data in this device is certainly astonishing , allowing you to track the way you move and feel during the day. Seeing the distance you travel or setting personal goals is a huge step forward, as it encourages personal development, something that any person wants. But since most people don’t have enough courage to step out of their comfort zone, Razer Nabu provides them with the perfect way to change their life via the integrated Bio data apps.

Another thing that we find as being one of a kind when it comes to the Razer Nabu is the fact that it successfully allows you to detect and interact with other Nabu Wearers. Not only has that, but it even exchanged information with other users, if allowed to do so, of course. This ranges from social media profiles to phone contacts.

Nabu comes with a 128×32 OLED private message screen that is splashproof, a built-in accelerometer, vibration motor, altimeter, Bluetooth connectivity as well as a 5-7 days battery life, which is more than enough for such a device.

As you can see, Razer Nabu is an amazing piece of engineering that provides a good battery life, a companion app for your mobile device as well as some amazing perks. Even if the device is not launched yet, the premise looks pretty cool and you should definitely keep an eye on it, as the Razer Nabu is set to change the way we think about wearables.

Photo credit: Razer

YouTube: Razer Nabu: Live Smarter

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