Join the Raiders of the Broken Planet and Cause Havoc [Review]


The team from Mercury Steam, the developers of the game Raiders of the Broken Planet, have asked themselves, “does the world need yet another shooter”? After a collective and thorough brainstorming session the answer was “an emphatic YES”!

Thanks to that decision they kept working on Raiders of the Broken Planet which could be considered an indie game in a way, but it’s crafted well and looks beautiful. They also managed to prepare the game not only on PC, via Steam, but also on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Story and setting

So, what’s this game about? It’s a little unusual in the storytelling and the setting. Apparently, the humans are the evil force here that needs to be stopped from exploiting a newly discovered (broken) planet and mining its unique resource there, which has unbelievable powers.

As the leader of a rebel group you try to recruit combat specialists and advance through the story with a “hero” of your choice. The game itself along with two prologue missions is free on all platforms, so you can try it out and get a feeling for it before you actually spend your money.

If you like the game and can’t wait to find out what happens next after the prologue, you’ll need to buy story modules as DLC. So far they have already published one such module and plan to release two more soon. Their titles are Alien Myths, Wardog Fury, Hades Betrayal, and Council Apocalypse.

Along with that, they have a multiplayer mode, which we couldn’t test yet because we found nobody in the matchmaking during our review. We assume this would be a co-op mode, playing together with someone else rather than a competitive mode.

Look and feel

We tested Raiders of the Broken Planet on PC and thought that it looks really vibrant and beautiful. The planet is somewhat broken indeed, but somehow they designed the world to look interesting and not dull at all.

The cinematics give the game a plus as well. They are fast and the camera sometimes feels a little aggressive, but overall I feel really positive about it. It greatly supports the feeling of an unstable environment and immerses you into the situation of where the story takes you,


I am not entirely certain about the characters of the roster. We couldn’t meet all of the potential individuals to control yet, as they are not all released, but overall they feel part a copy of what you know and another part feels unique. They are, however, all equipped with a strong personality and give the game a rather entertaining plus. If you don’t mind some cursing and foul words here and there, you’ll enjoy how this band of rogues becomes a team with shared goals over time.

Closing thoughts

I think that Raiders of the Broken Planet was a really well-developed project. It’s absolutely worth getting checked out, especially because you can download the prologue for free and try it out before you spend your money. If you’d rather watch us how we went through the first two missions of the game, you can check our Let’s Play of Raiders of the Broken Planet from YouTube below. Make sure you share your thoughts with us here in the comments. Have fun!

P. s.: If you like to know more about the characters and the lore of Raiders of the Broken Planet, you can have a look at the official animated comics.

YouTube: Raiders of the Broken Planet Gameplay [No Commentary]

Photo credit: Mercury Steam
Editorial notice: We tested the final version of the prologue missions on PC, not the beta.

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