Qognify: Interesting Solutions for Your Security Needs


In today’s technologically advanced world, criminals are becoming increasingly technologically savvy, as well. This is why it is important to have solutions that can respond to such modern challenges. Some of these solutions come from Qognify, the trusted advisor and technology solution provider for physical security and enterprise incident management.

Qognify has several big data solutions for physical security and operations:

1. VisionHub

VisionHub provides a holistic approach to ensure the full utilization of video management system (VMS) capabilities. It is a comprehensive video-centric security management solution that includes video analytics and search, two-way integration with 3rd-party security systems, map-based visualization, and incident management capabilities.

2. Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) and Situation Management

PSIM is the top-most layer upon all other security systems that organizes, analyzes, and manages all the information they produce. It integrates everything into a single, centralized view.

Situator or Situation Management complements PSIM by extending the value of its insights outside of the security realm. It integrates security systems to manage a range of other operational functions.

3. Operational Intelligence Center (OIC)

OIC takes operational data you’re already capturing and translates it into actionable intelligence. Specifically, OIC helps identify precursors to incidents and unfolding events in order to enhance incident management and improve operational efficiency.

4. Video Analytics

Video Analytics is a smart video footage solution that uses algorithms to differentiate between object types and identify specific behaviors or actions real-time. It also provides alerts and knowledge.

5. Suspect Search

Rather self-explanatory, Suspect Search is a real-time video analytics software used for accurately locating and tracking individuals with immediate results.

6. Qognify Extend

Qognify Extend is a field mobile application suite that combines the smart sensor technology and the ability to apply human logic and analysis to bring the information it provides into the security control room. The suite includes:

  • SEEitSENDit, which allows your staff to communicate via their mobile phones regardless of the location
  • Live Video Broadcasting, allowing field personnel to broadcast live video directly to the control room
  • Dispatch, allowing effective communication and management of field personnel by providing operators with basic Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) functionalities
  • GuardMe, which gives users simple personal security services, monitoring their progress from point A to Point B, with real-time reports of distress situations
  • Qognify VICC (Visual Intelligence Command Center), a desktop app collecting and aggregating information from various mobile apps, presenting it on a map.

So there you have it. The smart technology has so many useful applications in all parts of our lives and work. Furthermore, this is even more evident in the security-providing business that can now rely on this technology to get real-time and comprehensive control over the situation, allowing a more efficient provision of security services.

If you’re interested in what Qognify has to offer, contact them on their website. They are not the only solution provider out there but their offering might be a match for what you’re looking for.

Photo credit: The feature image has been taken by Matthew Henry.

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Sead Fadilpasic
Sead Fadilpasic
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