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Pure Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Sweeps Up Competition

Innovative technologies are increasingly changing the way we carry out and perceive household maintenance. With their help, we can now keep track of the content of our refrigerators, start washing machine cycles, and organize chores easier. Advancements in this sphere also include cordless technology such as lawn mowers and vacuums.

Cordless vacuum cleaners have been around for years, with some even having an AI mind of their own. However, the existing solutions have their disadvantages. Main complaints include limited battery power, low suction capabilities, and, in case of robotic vacuum cleaners, getting stuck under sofas or not cleaning very well.

One startup has decided to address these issues and started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the realization of its patent. That company is Lupe Technology, and its Pure Cordless vacuum cleaner has a mission to deliver good results where others fell short.


Pure Cordless to the rescue

Featuring the latest advancements in brushless motors, dust collection, and batteries, the Lupe Pure Cordless captures 99.97% of fine dust and allergens thanks to its High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter.

According to the company, its proprietary Suction Intensifier provides a stronger and more efficient suction than any other product of its kind. It even can get pesky dust out of 20mm deep grooves.


The power of the cordless vacuum

The Lupe Pure Cordless vacuum has several powerful features. Its strong motorized agitator picks up hair and deep-down dirt from carpets. The air-tight rotating seal adjusts to all types of surfaces and debris, preventing leaks and increasing suction. Finally, its velocity vane reduces the opening on the floor surface, thus increasing the air velocity. The end result: up to 10 times better suction at the head than other products.


This vacuum cleaner also has a longer battery life than most of its competitors. It can last up to 60 minutes before it needs to recharge. That’s ample time to get your cleaning done, specially with its powerful suction. 

Remember how difficult it is to reach those high ceilings and curtains? That’s because most vacuums put all the weight in your hand. Pure Cordless decreases this weight thanks to its unique design. It also has three modes: upright, hose mode, and carry mode. You can set these according to your unique needs and/or preferences.

The Lupe Pure Cordless isn’t the first of its kind, but it definitely is a fully realized product that defines what cordless vacuuming could be. You can pledge for one via its Kickstarter page, starting at £270.

YouTube: Unrivalled auction: Lupe vs. the competition

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Source: Lupe Technology / Lupe Kickstarter

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