PUBG Mobile to Roll out ‘Death Replay’ in Fight against Cheaters


Tencent-Games-New-LogoLos Angeles, US, February 28, 2020 — Tencent Games unveils their strategy on how they plan to deal with cheating on PUBG Mobile in the future.

While some developers offer cheat codes to help players progress when they are stuck on certain levels, PUBG, or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, has committed to providing a fair play experience for its users.

The mobile version of the online multiplayer battle royale game by Tencent Games has just launched its latest move to combat cheaters. The new Death Replay function, which will allow gamers to preview the way they were slain by opponents from the viewpoint of their shooter.

PUBG Mobile gets serious

This way, PUBG Mobile players will be able to find out if their character was killed by another gamer without using illegal tricks. This feature has been part of PUBG’s PC version for quite some time now. Now, it is coming to mobile devices as part of the latest 0.17.0 version update starting March 3.

The Death Replay function for PUBG Mobile is a new initiative under PUBG’s program to put an end to hacking. The program called Project: Ban Pan launched during the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 Fall Split Global Finals in December 2019.

“Like our players, we’ve always had a zero-tolerance policy for cheating. To protect the fair and competitive environment of the game, creating a fair and even playing field is always one of our highest priorities,” Tencent Games’ General Manager of Global Publishing Vincent Wang was quoted as saying.

In a video released on February 26, PUBG revealed how it banned a gamer for ten years of cheating. The video played a clip captured by another user and posted on the PUBG Mobile community forum. It showed how the cheater allegedly used a plug-in to knock down enemies with his gun even without actually seeing his enemies.

Analytics to improve and auto-banns to becomes more accurate

It was further revealed that other players had reported the cheater’s account in several instances, prompting the PUBG team to investigate the suspected new method that was being employed.

After being banned, the cheater took to the game’s community forum to complain about being “banned for no reason,” and even sought compensation from PUBG. However, PUBG stood by its decision.

Tencent Games’ Security Director of Games Dennis Li said in the video that the company would continue to protect the gaming environment through analyzing and developing solutions within hours after detecting abnormal play.

YouTube: PUBG MOBILE – Behind The Game – The Fight Against Hackers

Photo credit: The image used is owned by PUBG Corp. and was provided for press usage.
Source: Press release posted on Gamasutra

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Mandy Dalugdug
Mandy Dalugdug
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