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Protect Your Data When Working Remotely with Barracuda

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen an unprecedented rise in remote work as many employers have taken the necessary measures to protect their employees from the coronavirus. We are indeed very fortunate to live in an age when technology helps us protect ourselves from getting infected. However, the rise in remote work also allows criminal actors more opportunities to exploit the flaws in IT infrastructure.

For instance, a high level of anxiety about COVID-19 means that people want as many facts as possible, which can easily lead to an “infodemic.” Criminals can trick a person into opening a phishing email pretending to contain info about COVID-19, which is where Barracuda Networks cybersecurity solutions come in.

Who’s Barracuda and What Can It Do For You?

Barracuda Networks is a California-headquartered company that’s been providing IT solutions for storage and security since 2002. One of their solutions, Barracuda Essentials for Office 365, filters every email before it arrives on your server to protect you against ransomware and other malware. It also encrypts your company emails to make sure sensitive data doesn’t leave your organization’s servers.

“Remote workers are often more distracted, making them more vulnerable to opening attachments in phishing emails. Barracuda Essentials is a perfect tool because of its advanced threat protection that scans email attachments received automatically”, an expert from IT services provider Nutmeg Technologies told me. “When an attachment is found to be suspicious, it is moved to a sandbox environment where it can be observed. It also has anti-phishing protection, which can help detect sender spoofing”.

In addition to comprehensive filtering and end-to-end email protection, Barracuda Essentials also offers streamlined backup of all your emails on a cloud-to-cloud basis. In case of an email server outage, a cloud-based emergency mailbox can help you maintain your email communications. The cloud-to-cloud back-up extends to SharePoint and OneDrive.

Of course, Barracuda is only one solution provider in particular and it’s up to you to find a good partner to work with. There is no single solution that matches all industries and partners and legal requirements are also to be taken into consideration.

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Source: Bloomberg Technology News / David Smith (SAI Global)Crunchbase / Nutmeg Technologies

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