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Proposify: Helping You Put Your Best Business Foot Forward

The saying “first impressions last” is rather overused but with good reason. Apparently, this holds true for everyone, irrespective of field, profession, or merit. We judge the people we meet by the way they approach us, not the certificates they have under their arms.

In the case of business owners, employees, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, a professional proposal is your way to make a good first impression. In fact, having that winning proposal is the very first step to new endeavors for growth. With that, Proposify can help you achieve that. 

Win yourself business

Proposify is a proposal-writing and RFP management software that aims to facilitate newbie start-up or high-end companies. it can help you get the right pitch to land that financial asset or collaboration for your business.


Proposify is not a one-way road. Through this software, you can secure yourself from getting scammed in any way possible. You can track your proposals and receive notifications from the recipients’ response. You are informed of how long a prospect took to view any section of your proposal. Prospects can also choose to pick their own price from interactive fee tables that work for both of you. It’s a relief to be able to rid the ‘back and forth’ procedure when pricing a project.

Templates that voice your passion

Proposify has templates that will suit your business’ niche, may it be IT, digital marketing, education, healthcare, and so on. It can help you get extra credit for presentation, from friendly and colorful designs to a bolder and firmer look. Even your signatures can be crafted beautifully in an e-document and traced to ensure they’re not being misused. 

The creators of Proposify understand all the inconveniences that come in dealing with a client. Payments stay protected with built-in online payment integration. Moreover, client input forms foresee the future for the business. You can have your client input important information such as PO#s, shipping addresses, and more. With 15 different languages to choose from, you can take your online presence to an international level.


Digital technology reigns supreme

Proposify comes from a team of digital experts that make use of technology wherever it comes handy. The software even allows for a prospect-sales representative chat. Similarly, you can add videos for product demos, case studies, or a virtual tour of your facility. The whole package is very wholesome and is set to open new doors for your online business.

If you have a business and you want to make your first impression last, then perhaps Proposify is for you. It is currently available, starting with the individual package at $19 per month

YouTube: Streamline Your Proposal Process | Proposify

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Zarish Suhail
Tech Journalist at TechAcute


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