POW Mo: The Portable Speaker That Packs a Punch

POW Mo Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Foldable Expandable Women Dancing Jamming Music
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There are times when you want some music, but you also want to share. That’s the idea behind a new foldable speaker that clips to your smartphone so you can bring it anywhere. Mo speaker from POW Audio is an interesting concept. It is a small, portable speaker that packs a lot of punch for its size. The POW Mo differs from many Bluetooth speakers in that it’s built to be roughly the size of the average smartphone, and more importantly, it has an expandable chamber to increase its sound output.

First impressions

We were wondering how exactly this could all work. POW used their experience from other models and designed the POW Mo in a way that would allow for being foldable without compromising sound quality. POW-er it up, connect a source and you’re ready to jam.

POW Mo Speaker


Mo is weighted at 198.45grams with dimensions of 11.11cm in length and 6.35cm in width. The height becomes around 2.38 cm when collapsed. Its battery life goes up to 8-hour playing time. This speaker supports both Bluetooth and wireless range is about 100 feet. It can be charged through a USB-C port.

Now the main attraction here might be, what makes it stand out from many other speakers, is its folding feature. It still weighs the same, of course, but you can store it in your backpack, taking up less space, for example, than when you pop it out for better sound.


POW Mo doesn’t have many drawbacks as far I can tell. However, as per customer reviews, some expected it to be lighter, but most of them found it heavy because of the expandable feature, and the weight is specified in the product specs as well. The other matter is arguably the sound when playing something in full volume.

POW Mo Speaker

When the wireless speaker is turned up to maximum volume they found the sound to be a little bit hollow. But when connected to an iPhone and turned up 3/4 of the way, the sound appears better. This is something you maybe want to try out first before you buy. The POW Mo is priced at $59.85 on Amazon.

Photo credit: The images shown were provided by POW Audio as part of a press kit.
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