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Green Disc: Cleaning Your Bike Chain the Easy Way

Cycling is a sport that caters to all ages since it requires less energy compared to running. The rising interest in the sport has been beneficial to the environment, even to the point of having commuters choose cycling over public transportation.

However, not everyone knows how to maintain a bike beyond the usual cleaning and wheel vulcanizing. Unbeknownst to many, the maintenance of a bicycle is also dependent on the chain of the wheels. Riding a bicycle with dry chains often wears out the chain, and in the worst-case scenario, may lead to accidents.

Preserving the bike chain is the dirtiest part, which includes grease smearing everywhere and dirty rags. The grease often stains shirts, even the floor, and this is hard to remove, making this chore more despicable.

Green Disc

Using the Green Disc, the task becomes as easy as washing hands. This innovation solves all these problems efficiently and cleanly, with the addition of making chain maintenance environmentally friendly.

How it works

The Green Disc is easy to use. All you need to do is crank the pedal backward while placing the sides of the disk to the chain. With a few turns, the disc would lubricate the chain with enough amount of oil. This avoids extra spillage of oil or getting grime on your hands.


Aside from being an oil applicator, it can absorb the fine metal abrasions from the chain. The rotating wheel acts as both an oil applicator and a reservoir, taking up to 10 times of application before a refill is needed.

Handy everywhere you go

With its sleek, compact design, you can even keep it in your back pocket and bring it everywhere. They designed the disc with natural biodegradable materials and zero plastic, making it environmentally friendly.

Green Disc

The tool also saves up to 90% of oil versus the conventional maintenance method. Since there’s a reduction of excess grease, there’s a reduction of washing grease-stained rugs from the maintenance which also saves up on water.

Modeled and developed after the German Design 2020 awardee product Lubri Disc, the Green Disc makes chain maintenance a trouble-free activity. For all bike-users out there, the disc is available starting at 25.80 EUR which converts roughly to 28.72 USD.

YouTube: Green Disc: Cleaning Your Bike Chain the Easy Way

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