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POURX OURA: Guiding the Pour-Over Brewing Process With Light

The era of the boring coffee brewing process is over. There is a new brewing scale that brings a new light to making coffee. The POURX OURA is the world’s first smart coffee scale with light-guiding and digital display. The company behind the innovation, POURX, created this in hopes to help people make good pour-over coffee easily.

The team behind POURX OURA spent a year and a half developing and testing the device. It was received with positive feedback on its debut in November 2019 at the Taiwan International Coffee Show.

Pourx Oura

Guide to good coffee

The team explains that POURX OURA is a perfect brewing companion for everyone, no matter if they’re a novice or expert in making pour-over coffee. People can make an entire brew without using any numbers with the device.

POURX OURA has simple color commands to make the complex brewing process a simple one. It is built with an algorithm which operates a ring of light around the scale, making it a unique device not found in any other. This allows Oura to record and digitalize your brewing process, turning it into a light guide.

Pourx Oura

The POURX OURA can sense weight accurately down to 0.1g and pouring speed, which allows people to easily monitor their brew. You won’t need to calculate numbers when brewing your ideal cup of coffee. The device will turn green to indicate that it’s time to pour, red to stop, and white for done.

Additionally, coffee makers will be able to replicate their three favorite pour-overs, as the Pourx Oura can save up to three recipes. There is also an accompanying app that can save as many recipes as you want. Since POURX OURA can record your brewing process, you can also share your recipes with your friends and the POURX community.

Currently, the product received more than enough funds to be manufactured via a Kickstarter campaign. If you’re interested, you can check the product and see how you can order it.

YouTube: POURX OURA | The World’s First Light-guided Coffee Scale

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Source: Pourx Oura Press Release

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