Pokémon GO: The Hype Has Only Just Begun


If you were online for the past few weeks then you might have seen a game name appear all over the news. Pokémon GO is what I am talking about here and honestly it’s one of the most interesting titles that have appeared in a long time for mobile phones.

Aside from the fact that people go nuts when a new Pokémon game appears, Pokémon GO is actually something special from a technological standpoint as well. It basically allows you to interact with the real world as you catch the Pokémon.

Yes, this is an augmented reality game and that means you need to explore the world in real time with your phone in order to find the best pokemon and catch them. You will also need to train your Pokémon once they are caught since you will be able to visit gyms where you can battle your enemies.

The Poké balls that you use in order to catch the Pokémon are consumables so you have to treat them with case. Thankfully if you choose to explore the landmarks in your region you will be able to find quite a lot of interesting options and the results are nothing short of amazing all the time which is what you need to focus on for sure.

Pokemon GO App Game Screenshots Iphone

What I like the most about this game is the fact that it doesn’t really impose any limits, it’s very easy to play and quite intuitive to do so and at the same time it maintains a very good value for the entire experience.

You can’t really cheat as you will get banned if you do so, and that means you will have to roam around the best way you can trying to catch the best pokemon you can. Granted it might not sound like fun at first but it will offer you a very good way to explore the neighboring regions and that on its own can be nothing short of impressive.

If you’re up for some power gaming, you should also consider the Pokemon GO Plus, which is a wearable that helps you playing the game without always looking at your smartphone. Despite being seemingly simple, Pokémon GO does have a lot of depth to it but it also maintains a good accessibility.

Pokemon GO Players Trainer App Outside Crowd Kids Gamers Walking Pokestop Looks Like

Everyone from kids to elders can enjoy this game and that can be a whole lot of fun for them. All you have to do is to check out this great game and try to do all in your power to catch these amazing pokemon.

Granted it will be a challenge at first but it will be a pleasant and fun gaming experience that you certainly do not want. Just check Pokémon GO if you can. It’s set to be released in other regions of the world very soon so you should totally check it out. It is available on iOS and Android devices and in the languages English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. Have fun with the Pokémon, be safe and always be mindful where you are walking while playing!


YouTube: Discover Pokémon in the Real World with Pokémon GO!

Photo credit: Niantic / Nintendo / Creatures / GAME FREAK / Alan LightDarren Mark DomirezNoah Cloud

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