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PlayStation 5 Logo Revealed

Sony revealed to the audience the logo of the much-awaited PlayStation 5 during CES 2020 held last January 7-10. The logo is familiar as it follows suit from the PS4. The font is similar to the PS5 logo as well as the design of the logo. It made news pretty quickly, but honestly, what did we expect?

The only difference that sets itself apart from PS4 is the number itself. Unfortunately, the overall look of the PS5 itself was not revealed. However, Sony emphasized that this console will be powerful enough to support 8K graphics, have very fast SSDs to reduce loading time, and ray tracing.

Aside from the logo

The CEO of PlayStation Jim Ryan stated that the PS5 has a series of unique elements that will define it as their next-gen console. The graphics along with the processor will be better, of course. There’s no definitive news as to what these unique elements are. However, PlayStation Architect Mark Cerny does mention that the PS5 will include a disc drive. Furthermore, there’s also the chance that the PS5 will have backward compatibility with PS4 games.

Expected release and pricing

This may not surprise the consumers, but the PS5 will have a holiday 2020 launch date. By that time, Sony would’ve discussed everything we need to know about the console, including its graphics. It’ll probably cost higher, but hopefully, it’ll be worth the price. It has no specific cost yet, but we’re expecting it will around $500.

I’m excited about the PS5 as I have been a long-time user of PS4. There’s nothing new about its logo, but I’m expecting that the specs will be better than the old console. Having a larger memory would also be a great deal too, wouldn’t it?

Youtube: Sony’s new PS5 announcement from CES 2020

Photo credit: The feature image has been taken by JESHOOTS.COM. The PS5 logo has been provided to us by Sony PlayStation for press usage.

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