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Unleash Your Creativity with the PIXL Magnetic Blocks Set

They brought us the Fidget Cube and now prepare for the newest brainchild of the McLachlan Brothers. It’s called PIXL and it is a magnetic building system that facilitates creation in either 2D or 3D.

What is this PIXL thing?

PIXL blocks are tiny magnetic, well, blocks. Building with them starts by taking on PIXL block and placing another one next to it, on it, beneath it, whatever. When put in near vicinity, they immediately click together, without any interlocking mechanisms, grooves, specific sides… Whichever way you connect them, it’s fine.


From there, you can continue adding blocks in a range of different colors. Again, whichever way you want to connect them, you can. The only limitation is the creator’s own imagination. Create all the things you’ve seen created with Legos, only in a much easier and better way, without the limitations of Legos’ connecting knobs and grooves. Heck, you can even create things you need around the house or office, such as a phone stand, a figurine, you name it.

Using rare-earth magnets with just the right amount of strength contained in the blocks, you can connect, rotate, shift, add blocks, and nothing can stop you. Besides perhaps the amount of blocks.

PIXL Features and Extra Stuff

Speaking of magnets, you’re probably thinking about polarity right now and what happens when the blocks with opposite magnetic poles come into contact. With PIXL, you can relax because its creators designed the system to be self-correcting or auto-polarizing. In simple terms, this means you can put any block next another and it will correct the polarity if needed. In case you want to override the magnetic alignment between several blocks, you can buy a PIXL Wand with a fixed polarity design and strong magnets to force the polarity in a particular direction.

As for the sizes, the blocks come in four different variants, distributed along different pack options:

  • 1-block
  • 2-block
  • 3-block
  • 6-block.

The blocks themselves are available in 52 different colors, broken down into 13 packs according to similarity. Each Starter Pack and Builder Pack contains a selection of 5 shades based off of the pack’s core color.


Although you can use this cool set to create on almost any hard, flat surface, there’s also something called PIXL Canvas. It is a magnetic platform upon which to build PIXL models, available in six different sizes.

And just in case you were wondering, yes, there’s an app. The PIXL Companion App enables you to map out designs in a 2D or 3D environment before you actually build them, share them with the rest of the community and see others’ designs.

Are you curious about the PIXL magnetic building blocks? For more info and examples, you can also watch the product introduction video below. If you pledge $16 USD or more, you can have as many as three PIXL packs. Higher pledges secure bigger packs.

YouTube: Unleash Your Creativity with PIXL Magnetic Blocks Set

Photo credit: All images shown are owned by Antsy Labs and were provided to us as part of a press kit for editorial usage.

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