Thanks to very complicated technology, our cows are saved! After 5 years of hard research by Dr. Carmen Hijosa, she finally found out how the fibers in pineapple leaves can be an alternative for our obscene leather today. It’s called “Piñatex“.

For as long as I can remember I have been an animal lover. I have been advocating for the past few years that animals should not be involved in fashion. Animal testing for cosmetic products is also something we should put a stop to. When I learned about this new technology helping save lives, I was completely overjoyed!

The idea was found in the Philippines—a country with great agriculture and a great source of pineapples. Dr. Carmen Hijosa, CEO, and founder of Ananas Anam Ltd has been going around the world looking for natural alternatives to fabrics and didn’t expect to find this breakthrough in her visit to the Philippines. Ananas Anam was founded in 2013, and ever since focuses on the development and manufacturing of high-quality vegan textiles.

Piñatex harnesses advanced technologies to create a totally sustainable high-performance natural textile. It involves a patented pending technology that protects both the process and the finished material. Pineapple leaves are usually thrown away or disregarded in most countries, but in the Philippines, it is used for handicrafts and clothing even before Piñatex. It doesn’t require any other costs, water, or energy to produce them. But the best thing about it is it provides extra income for the pineapple farmers in the Philippines.

Leather today is becoming more expensive and scarce, with Piñatex on our side, it’ll surely penetrate the market immediately. But wait, they don’t have just products pertaining to leather but also textile. From handbags to shoes, they’ve got everything!

There are already a few products out there, which are made of  this innovative fabric. For instance, check out these sneakers, here on Amazon. This is really a beautiful way of turning to science and technology for the betterment of our environment. Tell me what you think about this discovery! Do you share my passion for this?

YouTube: Ananas Anam – Presentation of Piñatex created by Dr. Carmen Hijosa

Photo credit: Ananas Anam