Petfon Is a GPS Pet Tracker with No Monthly Costs to It


Many people keep pets and without a doubt, are dogs one of the most popular types of pets. The bond between these four-legged furballs and us humans is almost as old the humankind itself, and yet, there is sheet panic in our eyes when our dog friends are lost. This is something that Petfon could help you with.

While there have been GPS trackers for dogs around for a while, I never spotted any that are any good. I am not sure if those were reliable or not, but what I noticed was that many, if not all of them, required a sort of subscription service to run. These costs were sometimes hidden behind the actual product and were only to be discovered when you meant to start using the device together with the app on a smartphone.

The innovation is the absence of monthly costs

I am not a friend of hidden fees, and that’s why I instantly got interested in the Petfon pet tracker by Ubisight Technology, which enables GPS-based tracking. They offer it all under the bold claim of not having a monthly fee. True, with the price tag of currently $169.99, they are indeed more expensive than many products of the competition, but maybe this pays out in the long run. If you end up with a product that costs only $50 but comes with a hidden monthly fee of $5 or even more expensive subscriptions, those months sum up fast and eventually will surpass the $169.99 of the Petfon GPS tracker after some time.

Petfon GPS Tracker Lost Pets Stolen Dogs No Monthly Costs Geo-Fencing Alarm App

Other features?

Pricing aside, what does the Petfon Pet GPS tracker deliver? Because the device does not depend on cellular plans that work with a SIM card, this tracker can also be used in somewhat rural areas that do not even have data reception. This is something that you should not underestimate either. What’s a pet tracker good for if they stop working as soon as your dog runs into the woods or elsewhere outside of the area with the signal reception of a cellular network? I believe this is the superior technology that also allows for tracking in parts of our world that are not highly modernized.

By using the companion app to this tracker, you can also set up a geo-fence, which is a virtual boundary for your furry friend. Of course, there would be no harm done to the animal if they’d leave this area, but you could receive an alarm on your smartphone. That’s not the primary function of the gadget, but yes, it has some potential for interesting use-cases. It also allows you to track your pet’s activity, so you can see where your friend has been and when. This could also prove interesting in some scenarios, depending on how you keep your pet. Of course, this one is not that interesting when your dog is mainly inside the house, but let’s not forget that this is to find dogs that got lost or stolen.

Petfon GPS Tracker Lost Pets Stolen Dogs No Monthly Costs Alarm Colored LED Ringtones

What could be improved?

This is an exciting product, but like often, there is also room for improvement here. For instance, the solution is only working with iPhones and iOS as of now. Unfortunately, we do not know when they’d also make this available on Android smartphones. The estimated range of tracking is 3.5 miles, and the working time is roughly between 8 and 16 hours. I think that’s not bad, but it would be even better if these critical aspects could be further improved by allowing for more range and longer operating times.

The Petfon dog tracker is currently available on Amazon for $169.99 and has an average rating of 4.5 stars based on a total of 92 user ratings. Knowing that this product requires no separate subscription service to work, it might not be a problem to try it out for yourself. Knowing that you can track your pet if its lost or stolen (yeah, that sadly happens) can help to feel safer. What do you think about it?

YouTube: Petfon Pet GPS Tracker Promo Video

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