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Pens Made from Ancient Kauri Wood

If you’re looking for some really classic, or even ancient writing utensils, you might be excited to see the new products by HoneyBee Woodworking from Huntington, NY. They have now started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in order to get enough pre-orders to carry out the production.

Woodworker Bill, also known as William H Burger, designed a variety of items and writing utensils that are planned to be made from the Kauri wood. To name only a few items, he has come up with designs for key chains, wall street pens, slim line pens, bolt action pens, vertex magnetic fountain pens, executive roller ball pens and others. They vary in price but they are all wonderfully designed and crafted. For a pledge of $349 you will receive on of every kind.

The Kauri wood they are using to produce these items is, based on carbon dating, between 35,000 and 50,000+ years old. It is extracted from the ground in New Zealand and said to be the oldest workable type of wood there is. The Kauri tree grew for about 1,200 years before falling into swamps, where have been perfectly preserved from being petrified or turning into coal.

Kauri Wood Fountain Pen crop

If you’re thinking of rotten ugly material, you couldn’t be more wrong. The Kauri wood can be worked to look stunningly glossy and lively. When looking at the polished products, they scream “Check me out! I’m special!”. They look well-crafted and through the Kickstarter page you can pre-order them for a very reasonable pricing between $20 and $100.

Another relevant aspect of this project is, that they are producing their goods in an eco-friendly way. On his bio page on Kickstarter Woodworker Bill states “I have learned having products made with natural, non toxic, non-odor emitting materials not only helps the environment and indoor air, but they tend to look better, and last longer, a win-win.”

Kauri Wood Pen crop

You don’t have to wait long for your new Kauri wood pens either. The delivery is currently planned to happen in August 2016 and the campaign will carry on for another 22 days and that allows you to join the 80 other people who have already backed this project with their orders and support

If you are only vaguely a fan of pens, I can’t see why you wouldn’t jump onto this opportunity. Once the campaign is over, I suppose you will be able to buy more at the Etsy shop of HoneyBee Woodworking, but beware – this is an ancient resource and when it’s gone it’s gone.

YouTube: Ancient Kauri Extraction

Photo credit: HoneyBee Woodworking

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